Work out Works out – Exercises (Part 4 of 4)

21/10/2013 01:00

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Workout benefits both physical as well as mental health. Yes, it positively influences the neurotransmitters which are the chemical messengers in the brain. Different types of neurotransmitters cause different processes like fight or flight, reward or punishment and so many other processes.


Brain has billions of cells in its structure. The cells communicate to each other by secreting chemicals as messages without touching each other which are called as neurotransmitters. These transmitted messages between cells in the brain decide whether an action to be triggered or stopped. Brain is the play field for neurotransmitters. Our actions, emotions, feelings and interactions whatever we do has been triggered and realised by any of the neurotransmitters.


So, the neurotransmitter has the ability to carry, boost and modulate the message between neuron cells and other cells in the body. An action in the brain, whether it is going to be effective or beneficial to an individual, depends on the performance efficiency and fitness of his neurotransmitters.


Physical exercises marvellously improve the efficiency of neurotransmitters, strengthen neurons and stop its loss.


Any form of Workout like Yoga, Gym, Karate, Swimming etc., avoids a lot of mental disorders which may occur due to the weakening of neurotransmitters while aging or stressing. For e.g. Alzheimer, Anxiety disorder, Depression, Attention deficit or hyperactive disorder, Personality disorders, inferiority/superiority complex etc. are all the result of the inefficient performance or damage of neurotransmitters and neurons loss.


The person who has the efficient neurotransmitter process will not get affected by any of the aforesaid diseases. If you ask “can we save us completely from any mental impairment”, yes we can by following a simple activity called “Workout”. Yes, physical workouts save us from a lot of illness.


Please consciously realise a crucial fact in life - you can’t stop days, years and your aging. Passing every day will add years to your age. Time is a nonstop element. You can’t make the clock reverse. You can’t expect the great previous generation athletes to break records now. They are great personalities; however, you can’t expect them to perform like their youth.


Even you may get surprised to know the Chess gamers who should have also followed routine Workouts of any type to maintain physical and mental fitness. The reason I mention here about the workouts of Chess champions is that you shouldn’t ask one can play chess at any age as Chess is not a physical game. To play chess in a champion performance, you need to do Workouts.


As a matter of fact, a majority of the wilful aspirants are not in games, but, highly vigorous to win. Yes, this is the fire of a beautiful dream.  Do you want to extinguish your fire and end up as an all of a sudden dropout from your chase of success? Loosing physical fitness will force you to dropout. Be careful. Otherwise, you will also be close to the success but fail no matter what you have wonderfully done in your early years of life. All your yesteryears effort will become waste.


No, you shouldn’t allow you to lose fitness. Your visibility radius should be very big, not to behave prideful, but to give lessons to the growing aspirants. Yes, you should prove to the future generations that Workout can change the pattern of history favourably. Workout helps mind and body maintain patience, perseverance and persistence as it paves the way for sound mental health and strong physical health. You will chase the victory and catch it, no matter how fast it runs away from you.


To achieve great, to become a great personality, to become a role model, to feel great at why you are born, get up now and decide to go for any Physical Workout – Exercise daily. Workout hard, sweat, sweat and sweat, thereby, you do a great favour to your own personality. Not only you strengthen your body, but also you strengthen your mind. The result is that you will have amazingly improved your coping ability to withstand (Read our article Magic of Withstanding) any pressures.


In life, success is not exclusively depending upon taking risks, and it is about how far you can get hit and withstand until you hit your goal.


Definitely, you break your laziness (Read our article Laziness is Crime) by your physical exercises and improve your brain’s functional ability by improved neurotransmitters. You know what to do and when to do. Your Workouts helps your instinct – an outcome of improved performance of neurotransmitters. Your instinct will play effectively through your subconscious mind doing the very necessary at the right time without procrastination.


Physical Workout – a performance enhancing factor definitely takes you to the victorious platform. No matter, who you are or where you are. Workout truly works out for you.

Your ….. Target never missed!