Work out Works out – Exercises (Part 3 of 4)

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The point is that golden attitudes -persistence and perseverance- are forcefully taken away by the poor health factor of those close to the success crowds. Patience is the realisation which expresses strong belief of somehow achieving/obtaining the desired/targeted things as one is very sure of vigorously running and withstanding (read our article Magic of Withstanding) whatever the obstacles are, or, however the obstacles block his way.


So, patience is expressing an unshaken belief of achieving the targeted goals, which is realized in a person’s mind by his determination to be persistent and perseverant until he hits his goal. On the contrary, if one is not sure of running vigorously and not withstanding pressures, his subconscious mind will start asking questions like any of the below.


  • How you can vigorously run to achieve as you don’t have good health?
  • Do you want to risk your life by taking additional pressures and responsibilities?
  • How you will run aggressively as you want to take medications and rest at timely intervals?
  • Will your life be in danger if you take extra pressures?
  • What is wrong if you accept the moderate performance?
  • What is the charm of taking risks and anyhow you are earning and making a living?
  • Why not you change your goal with compromises as you want to take care of your poor health and medications?


So, the above questions are forcing even a very vigorous performer to frown upon his ability as his age and poor health maintenance develop diseases. Irrespective of any doubt, the answer is – definitely a compromised life – which is surely not a free happy life, when one is encircled by any of the above questions in his mind.


To be completely free from worries in finance, health, wealth, family, relationship, etc., you must have the ability to be perseverant and persistent until you hit your goal; the word UNTIL means ‘your persistence and perseverance”. When you have these two, patience will naturally be a by-product.   


Naturally patience starts getting disturbed in one’s mind from the moment he is losing the ability of being persistent and perseverant.


Patience is a classic and an amazing word in English, which mirrors calmness, coolness, not panicked state and greatly about coping ability to endure/withstand any amount of pressures.


So, your patience always wants persistence and perseverance. As a matter of fact, your persistence and perseverance wants sound mental health and strong physical health. Right here, the high importance of physical workout comes to the pivotal role in anyone’s life. If you don’t want any compromise in your goals, there is no other go – you must be fit both mentally and physically.


To obtain the combined benefits of physical health and mental health, what else could be other than physical work-out?

to be continued in part 4....

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