Work out Works out – Exercises (Part 2 of 4)

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Work out Works out – Exercises (Part 1 of 4)

part 2....

If you look at what unimaginably forced the ambitious very few individuals to quit from the path of success? It is nothing but their health factor – a very unfortunate situation.


For e.g. one is running a 100m race. And he is about to reach the finishing line as he is running in the first position. But, suddenly he gets sprain in one of his leg and falls down. What will you say looking at him in that particular moment? He is very unfortunate, and he is losing the champions title in neck of the moment even he finishes by limping.


In the same way, a very few who are aggressively demolishing all the obstacles on their success path when they are young. They perform better and start getting small successes (read our article Optimal Weight hits at minimal Wait) here and there. However, they gradually allow catching some chronic diseases. They do not give importance to take care of their body as they are mostly busy. The consequences of poor care of body are diseases and physical discomfort. As they are aging, age also gets higher share in developing chronic diseases to those individuals when they don’t care about maintaining their fitness.  


It is easy to realise from the above, they are damn sure about success and aggressively moving with focus and actions. At the same time, they don’t even think to develop and maintain fitness - a right natural way of caring the body. They keep on going. Surprisingly, diseases mark a full stop for their vigorous actions. Although disease is a kind of surprise, diseases are allowed by themselves knowingly or unknowingly to get settled in their body over the period of time. Disease or poor health is not a sudden event happened overnight.


It is their careless attitude towards their body which catches ailments. The result is that they must go for medical treatment. Sometime, Doctors may advise them to go for longer or lifelong medication. The chance of getting their performance affected is high because of the side effects from the medicines taken for long time to control or cure their illness. The health deterioration reduces their energy, speed and focus as they get the feeling that medicines regulate their life by its compulsory requirement of timely dosage.


The doctors may also advise not to take stress, and try to maintain stress free jobs which should allow sufficient time for long sleep, relaxation and rest. Ultimately, they lose their charm, energy, speed, focus and consistency which are all the fantastic factors carrying them close to the success. These very few, who had had better chance of becoming mega winners, but, forced to fall in the regular category of people. Think, what made them to fall under regular category though they had started well their career with better focus and actions? It is their health deterioration.


Don’t miscalculate that there are a lot of wealthy who are surviving successfully with chronic diseases. No, this may not be true in all the cases. You become wealthy, and then your money could play an influential role in your health even though you ignorantly catch some diseases. But, it is really a catastrophe especially in an ambitious individual’s point of view if he catches chronic – medicine dependent diseases before becoming winner and wealthy in the field he pursues with high ambitions.


From the above explanations, we shall understand that the very few, who are almost close to answer their question, are also end up in inability to realize their ambitious free life – a happy and successful life. Their life moving towards success made a U turn because of their poor health factors.

to be continued in part 3....

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