Work out Works out – Exercises (Part 1 of 4)

30/09/2013 00:00

Life is attractive, good, interesting and enjoyable for the people who are successful in their ventures. They enjoy every moment which means that they are mentally satisfied. Their mind is calm and burgeoning. They become role models for a lot of new aspirants. They can spend their money and time for some to whom they want to help. They live a life with affordability in various means like living luxury, helping family and friends, doing philanthropy etc.


For others, life is a bit difficult thing with high amount of twists and turns. It is not going as per their wish. Most of the time, life brings unexpected downfalls and decline. They work to grow, but, fail to grow.


Although one is passionately talking of happy and satisfied life every day, it is a useless talk until he constantly focuses his effort and boldly expedites his actions on the focused part - his vision towards achieving what he desires for. The key points to be noted are continuous focus and expedited bold actions.


Before proceeding further on focus and actions part, let us ask a question. What is happy life or what happy life means? In simple words, an answer can be derived from our own experiences.


A happy life is simply free life; yes free from worries, mentally, physically, throughout the activities we are involved in. Generally, freedom brings all the happiness. But, here I specifically mean freedom from worries whether worry may be related to finance, health, relationship etc. Totally freedom from all the troubles is the real happy life.


So, if we start clearing out our troubles, we are approaching the happy life scenario. Simultaneously, one should ask how to control, stop and eradicate all the worries. This is the very important question in everybody’s life from the moment one gets free thinking. And we are trying to answer for a full life time. Most of the people are not even able to understand the question better. Then, how they will try to answer?


In reality, a majority of the people don’t even try hard to answer their question in the beginning of their life. They drop even in the starting stage of their life because of their inability to maintain the constancy of keeping the question alive in their mind. It is their poor coping ability which is related to mental and physical deprivation.


On the other hand, a very few aggressively continues with better focus and constant bold actions. Also, they are almost close to the answer, but, unimaginably or unexpectedly forced to drop their aggressive moves and its developing proceeds.

to be continued in part 2....

Work out Works out – Exercises (Part 2 of 4)