Colourful and Glittering life

02/06/2013 00:00

Any action, which is done repeatedly over a period of time with a specific purpose or even without a specific purpose, has an outcome. For e.g. you could study the muscle pattern of Body builders, Loaders, Heavy equipment handlers. Here, Body builder is working out with a strong purpose to tone his muscles, whereas, in other two cases; Loader and Heavy equipment handlers, it is not so. The Loaders and Heavy equipment handlers do not have a purpose of toning their muscle. They simply do their duty, thats all. But, in reality, Loaders, Heavy equipment handlers also have changed some muscle toning even though their purpose is not muscle toning.


The point is that any action, which is done repeatedly even without a purpose, will also have some impact on the mind and body. So, we should be careful if we are to follow any actions or routines because it could sometimes drastically change a key factor in us. We shall have developed a lot more if we don't loose the key factor of success.


The same is true with Will. Repetitive approach on Willpower related activities with a strong intention or without a strong intention leads to multiplied Will, multiplied Will contribute fast and focused action without hesitance, after effect is winning.


But, if you approach the Willpower development with a strong purpose, it will produce the desired pattern of development, and you will enjoy the development as the way a purposeful Body builder enjoys by looking at his muscles in front of the mirror everyday.

Yes Willful life is truly the colourful and glittering life - life with full of achievement, happiness, success and ultimately a self-actualized life.

For a self actualized person, Target ....never missed!