Victory never Underestimates(a miscalculation) - (Part 2 of 2)

25/06/2013 00:00

Part 2....

Your life style improvement should not fix you to ignore any of your friends, relatives, colleagues or any one whom you are dealing with for some reasons. Don’t look at their power, position and money. A few steps of going ahead will make you a little more rich and influential. This is the time, you should be very careful. You may go for a biased view as you are getting associated much with the richer class. This becomes a point of dilemma in the middle of their career. If you don’t keep the habit of treating all well, there is a high chance of growth reversal.


You can’t predict exactly the things like when you want help and who will help you.


I have read a story a long ago. May be not true to the logical sense, but, gives a good moral, certainly a strong message for the developing individuals.


Lion is the king of jungles. One day, a Lion is going casually near to a wild stream. It found a mouse struggling in the stream, but, unable to escape from the current of flowing water. It cried to the Lion asked for help - “please help me escape from this stream and I will definitely help you on some other day”.


The Lion laughed and didn’t mind the words of the mouse and thought, “What - a small mouse is going to help me! I am the king of this jungle!”  But, to pull the mouse from the stream water is not a big task. So, Lion helped the mouse by catching it in his mouth and threw away on the land - said, get lost. One day, the Lion was trapped inside a net spread by a hunter, unable to escape, and it roared fearing the catch of the hunter. Unbelievably, the mouse, who was helped from the stream by the Lion some days ago, came at the right time and bit the net into pieces. The Lion escaped and realized that day how a mouse, a tiny creature, irrespective of its size can help the king of jungle.


Don’t look at the story how a Lion and mouse will speak. This is the story told for generations. This is true in real life. The moral of the story is that you don’t know when you need help and who will come there to help you. May be a person of low status may help you at the right time which will make a turnaround in your life.


So, never ever underestimate anyone throughout your life. Treat all with respect. If you do this, you accumulate the chance of getting help. You will not be denied for help at the right time from anyone who has come across your life and got treated well by you.  


Victorious people never do this mistake of Underestimate which is perceived as a miscalculation by their experience. Only the arrogant will blindly underestimate, treat others badly and definitely suffer from that later on.


As a man of high ambitions, you must always carry a true smile in your face that is the sign of friendliness. Treat all well irrespective of their class and routes. You don’t know. One day, any one of them will help you incredibly. That could be a key for the doors of your success.


Ultimately you are going to be a winner. Your…Target never missed!