Victory never Underestimates(a miscalculation) - (Part 1 of 2)

24/06/2013 00:00

Living is the reality in life for every human irrespective of which conditions he is living in. A few make their life famous as they are successful in their ventures. A few crooked are trying to get publicity by doing any cheap things or criminal actions. Forget about those ill planned criminals who are no way to be treated well. However, the society is a mix of all these individuals from billionaires to paupers, from wise to fools and from well-wishers to criminals.  


Life style is determined by living conditions like poor lives in a torment shabby condition, and if someone is living in posh way, he is called aristocrat. Living condition is a major sign to classify high, middle or poor class. The life is interactive dealings among the individuals of various classes in a society. Nobody is completely abstained from another class throughout his life time.


A thriving ambitious person, you are also living in a society of mixed class. Your day to day life is related to them. All your achievements are fabricated in the societal workshop based on how you cleverly interact to different segments and treat people in your early years of venture.


From morning to evening, your dealings are involved with all classes of people where you subconsciously perceive them as per their outward attires and looks in all your dealings. The influence of stereo typed thoughts is also coming to the play which assesses an individual based on where he is coming from. You unknowingly change the perception of treating people over the period of time especially when you grow financially. It happens among friends as well.


For e,g. in our teenage, we are friends from different economic classes. The career twists happens to every one of us according to the area of interest we choose in the early youth. The status quo prevails for some time. Then, in the middle age, financial upheaving proves to become a factor of assessment on opinions among friends. Some friends will be on par with our status financially, some may be up and some may be reasonably at shortfall from the remaining all. The interaction wave length of adolescence can’t be a replica in our middle age years. Economic prudence will also play a key role like how we give importance to one another. It is not a blame game. But, honestly speaking; it is experienced by a lot of people in their life.


If underestimate starts in between friends, there is no need to tell why it shouldn’t happen with any third persons. The early growth may become a threat by making one to take the power of underestimating people. The nationality, city, financial position becomes logic of estimating people and giving respect instead of giving due human respect.


As a strong Willpower aspirant, you like the fast ducky performers and the kind of people taking the responsibility. Otherwise, you easily get bored to interact with some dull crowds simply as a waste of time. This could be an outcome of the confused growth of your reasoning ability as you are getting richer and older. This attitude corners you to ignore a large no. of friends, relatives or even nearby colleagues.  Ignorance is the severe sign of underestimate. Please don’t take ignoring people easily.

to be continued in part 2....

Victory never Underestimates(a miscalculation) - (Part 2 of 2)