The rare Mix

17/06/2013 00:00

Mix is a highly used word due to immigration for career and business opportunities. Nowadays, people are talking of cultural mix, population mix and race mix. Cities have surnames - cosmopolitan, metropolitan, megalopolis etc. Mix is de facto showing the flamboyant nature of a city.


In our discussion also, mix is a rare thing associated with a few persons who are flamboyant, very special at all the times. Not only have they achieved wonderful things, but also hit the status of moguls. What is that rare mix? The mix is their together nature of boldness and intelligence. This rare mix of traits takes a man to the peak of his career. He is steering his career wheel to the direction of his Will.


Under the normal circumstances, one will potentially compensate the other if an individual has either this or that character. If you have the dominance of anyone - either boldness or intelligence, you could practically survive or even reasonably perform at any situations by tooling either this or that approach.


Naturally boldness has the real advantage of breaking impacts by its aggressive moves. But, the force will become mighty when it is mixed with intelligence. If somebody lacks both, there is no other go; just they will pass the time in an occupation until someone forces them to shift. But, they are thinking of growth, what a pity.


The person of rare mix dominates any field with the champion performance.

For e.g. the rare mix champion views the life like a Grand prix circuits. They always lead by an extra touch of quality, fine-tuning and timely delivery. They win by a small difference like how Grand prix champions win by fraction of seconds, became famous by leading captions all across the world.


A grand prix winner is more cautious about their immediate followers after crossing few laps. He will not worry about the long behind cars. He knows very clearly that those long behind will not overtake him anyway. But, he is trying to lead a good distance from the second and third racers because they are the real competition for him. A slight mistake will cost him his championship title.


If you want to lead your life like a champion, take leap with extreme bold steps and improve your intelligence constantly. Then you will attain a mix as a by-product over a period of time by your conscious effort as moving with bold steps nonstop, simultaneously improving your intelligence without capping.


Then, forget about the long behind lethargy crowds who are no way competition to you. Your competition will be limited like the way Grand prix front runners as you just look at your shoulder, your near rear close players. At your slight mistake, they will snatch the opportunity from you.


Believe boldness and intelligence is possible by regular practice. It is like developing Mister World physique and maintaining it properly.


Intelligence is the capacity of your learning ability. You improve so much how deep you try. Read books, connect with the persons of strong Will, follow up Willpower writings, all these efforts collectively make you to attain the rare mix of Boldness and Intelligence.


Thereby, you become a champion moving vibrantly and shrewdly towards your mammoth ambitions. Your….Target never missed!