Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 4 of 4)

04/08/2013 00:00

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As mankind, we speak throughout our life with excitement to prove our position, power, opinion and objection. Talking is the best way of interaction with others. Different patterns of human talks either decorate or deteriorate the world. Ultimately, talking of an individual in a particular society is the basic sign of its development, which is not simply meaning slang or accent, but, it is about thought process, way of thinking, approaching and reacting.


Even the man who has inability to speak because of his differently abled nature also speaks very beautifully on his own language.


Talks could be of various types for an individual like stage speech, friendly gossips, dispute objectionable talks, judgemental talks, family relationship talks or any kind of interactions.


The society has its own definition to identify and fix opinion about a person’s personality based on how he talks or interacts. The society collectively gives title to individuals like - straight forward, Open, diplomatic, liar and talks always with concealed motives -political, filthy mouths, convincing or conniving talker.


As a person of mighty ambitions, it is very much important to seize an effective title and maintain it to keep the pace of your growth. It should be based on your truthful nature not by fake talks. You must be called convincing talker, open or diplomatic, but never ever on the negative identification. Please be reminded that your words are influencing other’s mind, and people identify you based on the way you talk.


On the self-perception, your mind will be filled up momentarily with feelings of pleasures or guiltiness according to the motto of your talks as an effect of your talking attempts to express your opinion, share and defend.


Jealousy - The worst motto is developed when one talks out of jealousy. Jealousy is the worst thing which may make one to think inside his mind something else, whereas, he talks outwardly something else cheatingly.

As a man having the goal of universal development, don’t twist your tongue to achieve the selfish motto. Jealousy could be the reason for a lot to twist the fact by their clever talks. After all, one may enjoy some luxuries and pleasures for time being. But, this luxury is the outcome of spoiling someone else by bad talking. Don’t get jealous on any one, whereas, make your hard attempts to follow or even overtake one to whom you may get jealous. But it should be definitely by right means and talks. Never talk any ill words about anyone.


Blurred talking - Don’t talk anything if you don’t know clearly the things. In our modern world, we will not have many troubles if we drop our habit of talking with authenticity when we are not sure about the subject we talk.

As a man of ambition, you should have the determination to speak the truth always with full vigour at any occasions. You will be remembered in the history of mankind and identified by your truthfulness. An ordinary person will not have so much value for his words like you have. So, please carefully analyse the reason why you talk and what you talk at various occasions. Never ever talk unnecessarily when you are not required to. Otherwise, you may get irritated and tired.


Remember, bullet shots, burned body parts or any deep wounds can get healed completely. But, the wounds created in the hearts of others by tongue through ill talking cannot be completely healed even after paying a a hefty price. Keep this in your mind - Tongue is the most powerful and dangerous weapon while it is being used badly".


Now, you might have come to a point “how importantly tongue plays a vital role in a person's success by its dual activities – "Tastes and Talks”. if you decide to have the clear determination to steer your tongue on your favour while eating as well as talking, tell me who can hide your shining victory.


Mastered Tongue, ‘a winner tongue’ – never missed the Target. Sure, you - 'tongue master' - your Target never missed!