Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 3 of 4)

30/07/2013 12:00

Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 1 of 4)

Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 2 of 4)

The hustle and bustle of urban spheres has prepared humans to depend heavily on the ready to cook processed and preserved foods.


The food innovation makes people view eateries as something fashion or lifestyle reflective. They falsely think that they reflect the better life style if they adapt the modern junk and unhealthy food as their primary choices. They can’t imagine living without these foods.


On top of it, the cosmetic effect presents foods in attractive and easy to handle form which cause another danger that is people become accustomed to lazy eating habits.


For e.g. A person wants to eat lunch. He has different choices- meals, buffet, and wrappers like pizzas, burgers, and rolls etc. Most of the time, he prefers eating pizza, burgers, rolls or any wrappers because it is easy to handle and eat all these wrapping junk foods on the working table or lying in the bed or sofas without physically moving much even to the dining table. It is a lazy behaviour. The comfort of handling these wrapper foods makes one to fall into the addiction. These easy to eat items are pre-processed with multiple unhealthy preservation chemicals and taste boosting additives.


Definitely, the junk foods are preparing you to fail. You will be taken to a point where you start developing chronic diseases which may severally affect your health and importantly wealth making moves. 


As a person of high ambition, you should love to enjoy and approach the foods on nourishment, nutrition point of views. You are not expected to select always tasty foods. Any tasty foods can be taken once in a while, but not regularly, although all the tasty junk foods are also claiming health and nutrition.


Taste addicts a man. Thereby he can’t avoid eating more quantities, and he becomes obese over a period of time. Obesity simultaneously makes one lazy which makes him feel difficult to move around. He intends to stay idle or at least avoid frequency of moving physically. Read our artcle - Laziness is Crime. In this stage, already he has got shackled, and his dream also has started to collapse. It is a matter of time that he will be forced to accept the moderate performance and negative growth.


All these failures have a basic point that is - he is addicted for tasty foods. This tasty could be junk food or any regular food made with the intention of more taste, using multiple taste enhancers and preservative chemicals. Read our article - I am a Locomotive.


The crux of the all the aforesaid points is that you are not supposed to eat alwaystasty foods at every time. Once in a while it is ok, but, not definitely every day. So, you should give high importance to select your food on nourishment and health points of view rather on taste.


As we have stated earlier, generally the healthy foods are not coming with addictive taste. This less taste naturally makes you to eat optimal quantities only for the need of nourishment and avoid you becoming obese. Read our article - Optimal Weight hits at Minimal Wait. So, you maintain optimal weight which helps you being active and dynamic. Your active performance will definitely hit success.


Eliciting thoughts on mastering tongue, we should look at another important aspect of tongue - Talks. Talks play a very important role in determining the success of an individual.

to be continued in part 4....

 Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 4 of 4)