Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 2 of 4)

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Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 1 of 4)

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The everlasting human habit of tasting and talking has made the success of a man intertwined with the ways how effectively he is handling these important habits. First let us go for the subject of taste and its influences in a man’s life.


Taste is a matter of experiencing the flavour of different food substances while eating for our survival. If you deeply notice the nature of food as it is available in abundant varieties and choices, you find an important fact; that is - the tasty foods are not much healthy and the chance of harming the body is high. On the contrary, the healthy foods are not that much tasty and generally do not harm the body.


So, the nature of food choice is in vice versa which means that, if you want tasty food always, you should sacrifice your health. And if you want healthy food always, you should adjust with the less tasty nature of those foods. This is the fact.


For e.g. you go to eat pizzas, burgers, hotdogs in food stalls, restaurants, cafes, where you normally find foods very tasty. It is definitely tastier than your home made food because it has been prepared with so many varieties of taste boosting additives to satisfy your taste buds anyhow. This is again the reason that we are getting addicted for junky unhealthy eateries.


The extreme tasty nature is achieved by adding new additives which could be of taste boosters and preservative chemicals. The best known additive is varieties of monosodium glutamate – a salty based flavour enhancers or intensifiers which are widely used in our modern food industry and in junk food products.


In old times, our ancestors didn’t make food with so many varieties of additives in our homes. Unfortunately, the trend is changing. Now we voluntarily buy taste enhancing additives in different types suitable for making different recipes and use the same very heavily while making home food – a very bad influence of these days. We all have become addicts – yes addicts for tastes.


Besides, there we end up a step ahead becoming food decoration which gives an added ever fresh look to foods irrespective its unhealthy nature. These foods are served on our dinner table or/and kept in the food shelves to attract the customers by its design and colouring agents. This gives a good business space for cosmetic industry – yes food cosmetics; from colouring to fading, cutting to sticking decoration, gelatines etc.


Furthermore, we have started depending huge volume of processed foods as it is easy to cook, in which nitrate salts and sulphites are widely used to preserve the food from bacterial growth or fungus attack. The expected longevity of shelf life of food has paved the ways for food industry to use mixing different types of additives and preservatives which help the food look attractive and not to lose its colour and brightness. But, all these additives, preservatives and cosmetics fix a very high price for human health and growth.


Yes, the above all is a nonstop characteristic of food world. There is not much we can do about this.

to be continued in part 3....

Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 3 of 4)