Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 1 of 4)

26/07/2013 00:00

Tongue is an impressive organ mainly associated with taste and digestive system. It tastes the food and raises the appetite further according to the liking taste of a person, and it helps us masticate by turning and taking the food between lower and upper teeth. Although it is the primary organ of taste, it is the one which makes the speech complete by its mobility of twists and turns.


Every species is communicating by its own mode/signs of communication.  But, the human beings are abnormally supreme by his ability of talking by pronouncing words, that too varieties of talking; how many languages we have come up with!


Man talks words to convey and share his intentions, emotions, messages, requirements etc. Talking is the foundation for establishing any relationship with the fellow persons. Tongue makes the talking listenable by delivering the speech in an understandable form joining vocal cords and differentiates humans from all other creatures.


Level of Mastery in tongue articulation makes somebody’s speech as sweet, eloquent or harsh.


So, the two things, speech and taste, determine the foundation of success in the life of a person. Generally you will not disagree as quite a lot of us know that tongue – speech is the powerful instrument to write your life a success story, thus to be managed effectively.


But, you could raise a question how the mastery of tongue includes taste and how it is related to and plays a role in success/willpower. Undoubtedly, tongue decides a life of an individual on both grounds, of course talks and tastes as well, not alone talking as we generally believe. Both tastes and talks are the roots of one’s personality or identity. We could say that one is eloquent, aggressive, confident, bold etc. as he speaks and interacts. In the same way, a person could be identified as good eater, interesting diner, poor eater, person of smart diet etc. Definitely talks and tastes are key ingredients of personality development and personlaity identification.  

to be continued in part 2....

Tastes and Talks – Time for Mastering Tongue (Part 2 of 4)