Take-off, three, two, one…../Launched

15/06/2013 00:00

“Knowledge is the power”, and it developed furthermore to “Applied knowledge is the power”. I would say “Launching the applied knowledge is the power. Knowledge is different from formal school education. Education gives better chance for a person to become knowledged.


We find a lot of successful persons, billionaires who are all not highly educated like MBAs, Engineers or PhDs. Some are dropouts. But, they are successful. If you see how it is possible without proper education, simply they are knowledged to play by the logic “this is the right time”.


They are vigilant working out plans when everybody else is playing, sleeping or dancing in night clubs. Every day, they find that the world is preparing to accept their ideas as there is no other go.  Their sleepless nights and awful enthusiasm gives them the guts once after their ideas are ready, they just hit at that moment without a pinhead hesitation.


They are called pioneers or at least first category innovators. If you see some of their great business ideas, you will understand that the ideas are normal but fine-tuned and launched spontaneously. They acted like this is the RIGHT TIME. You could also have been thinking about the same ideas around the same point of time, but, zero action.


Launching the new ideas leads to breakthroughs and gives the best chance of extremely successful. At the same time, it carries the risk of vagueness as this is not attempted by anyone before. There is no case study, no clear understanding and no guarantee of prescribed outcome. But, the scenario is viewed as the golden moment for the ardent launcher. He is the only one prepared to take the risk because he sees his so sure delightful moments as his idea has succeeded.


Newness or innovation both are real advantages. But, you should execute flawlessly, and then you are a person of fortunes. You are the leader whoever coming behind you are all followers.


The following assumed example will easily make you to understand why launching the new ideas immediately, once it is complete, is very important.


For e.g. you are attending an important seminar with some of your friends, there are influential people and key businessmen also attending. One of your friends has a breakthrough concepts related to the seminar, and he has chance to explain to the audiences in the interactive session or questions and answer session. Instead of talking boldly and due to his fear to speak among the big shots, he murmurs the concepts in your ears.


His concepts are wonderful. So, you compel him to open immediately by rise up his hand and talk in loud. But, he still hesitates and thinks to postpone his talking by saying… after sometime, I will talk about it.


As per his opinion at that particular point of time, he will or can talk later. But, the reality is different. Someone else talked the same concept, got applause from all the influential audiences. He got easy publicity. Your friend has suddenly become void and empty in his mind and disappointed.


The point is if you have good ideas, execute it, this is the right time. The sooner is better. As a man of high ambition, you should be shrewd and implement with your guts. May be someone will cry and be void by this time because he delayed to launch his idea - ditto to yours but now lost the chance. Meaning, you are the leader,innovator and you always said “this is the right time”. your… Target never missed!