Swimming is not Theory – (Part 2 of 2)

27/06/2013 00:00

Part 2....

Practice will give a wakeup call on how you can implement the new ideas, and what steps have to be taken for improvement. It is like you learn swimming by getting in to the real pool and practising regularly, which benefits you vastly. The swimming practice progresses your skills to perform water stunts and funs. Otherwise, will you gain advanced skills and stamina.


Knowing is not at all sufficient. In fact, a lot of brilliant people are there in every society and know fantastic things/ideas, but, they lack implementing and live a compromised life. You must implement today, proceed and, if needed, correct the mistakes to improve.


For e.g. you ask a question to your known smart people.

  • What business I can do or what should I do to grow better?

Many of the knowledged will jump and start giving ideas like - if you do this or if you do that, you will grow and earn tremendously. The point is that they can give only ideas, not implementation knacks.


After a few days, go to them again with the requirements they advised. Ask them how to proceed, meaning, what exactly you should start now. Mostly, they may not be able to help because they lack implementation spirit, so they don’t know how to guide you on implementation of ideas. Otherwise, they could have acted on their own ideas by this time. So, they are just brain storming or fascinating talkers, let them talk. You don’t want to blame them. But, you are not going to join the talkers club.


As a man of pursuing excellence, you should act fearlessly to implement the newly learnt ideas and concepts. Why do you visit sites and read articles? It is to strengthen your Willpower. Your strong Willpower should encourage you, not only to talk on ideas, but also to walk on ideas. You know swimming by swimming in the water not on mere theory. And the important thing is that you practise your swimming, which will definitely benefit you to advancement.


Swimming is not theory likewise said – Practising is also not theory.


You practise the learnt things, and then you are benefited and profited.


Continuous practising contributes continuous profiting. A winner, your...Target never missed!