Swimming is not Theory – (Part 1 of 2)

26/06/2013 00:00

Is it possible to swim by learning theory of swimming? Everybody will say a strong No. Likewise winning is not possible by knowing only. Practising the knowing will help win any field.


Swimming is a very good exercise, recreation and sport. It has developed into varied styles such as Freestyle, Butterfly, Breast stroke etc. On the side of fitness, swimming plays an important role to improve the stamina and exhausts more calories in a very short time. People who swim quite often experience a kind of relaxation like yoga or meditation. Swim is an art and skill, which can be developed to the mastery by repetitive practice.


Are you a swimmer?  You can say yes or no. Saying yes “I know swimming” doesn’t help get the benefits of swimming if you don’t practise. To advance, you should be in the water to practise regularly and to maintain your form. The people who don’t know swimming are not at all eligible to be on the play field, and they should try to learn first.


Ask the following questions regularly.

What new things did I learn?

How far have I followed or implemented the same?


Please understand that learning new theories will not help you to achieve wonderful things in your life. You should practise it to understand how far it suits you and what you are lacking to follow the new ideas whether the new learning is for your business or personality development.


Life is benefited by practice like swimming. To achieve great things, practising the acquired knowledge is more important than simply learning. By reading the best books, attending seminars of fantastic speakers and browsing the sites of Willpower will not benefit unless you practise the learnt concepts and knacks. Mere learning is like to learn Swimming by theory.


A person knows thoroughly all the strokes and techniques of swimming by reading all the theory materials of swimming, but, in reality he doesn’t know how to swim. Will he be called a skilled swimmer? The below assumed example will give a little bit of understanding.


For e.g. one of your friend doesn’t know swimming. He joins a swimming class and attends only indoor class for 2 hours daily for 4 weeks. He thoroughly studies all the techniques and strokes. He doesn’t like practical training as he is not comfortable in the water. He is reading about Sea swim, Lake River, Pool, etc. By studying all the strokes thoroughly by theory, he may write or even present a paper on swimming. Just think, will he be sure to get into the bathtub full of water!


Learning the theory alone will not help him jump in a swimming pool. If he believes that he has learnt swimming by theory, he cheats himself. To swim, he should have got trained in the pool about the body positions, leg, hand and head movements.  Then, he can say, “I know swimming”.

to be continued in part 2....

Swimming is not Theory – (Part 2 of 2)