Suppress your swaggering or your success suppressed

12/06/2013 01:18

There is a new beginning of life when you act on your dreams with assertive actions. The new way of looking at your life gives you a kind of thrill. You are convinced subconsciously that you should look at yourself in a different perspective because you are not regular kind. You feel more excited, especially act intensified by your mind’s morphing ability. Your mind teaches you that you are a refined category of persons and stand up tall above all the typical ill willed crowds. Good self-boost thoughts of course required. It is not blamed on you everyone. A few are handling well, for others, who should understand the warning signs.


But, read on, then you understand how it flip-flops. Everything else other than your goals, action plans and dreams looks trivial. You think that the events happening around are unwanted stupidities, and the people involved in are not brilliant to turnaround their life like you do.


This kind of opinion is developed about co-workers, friends and even about hierarchical bosses. You question their ability of thinking, managing and deciding. Ok, you are not asking on face, but, it is felt in your mind.


For you, they are all incapable fearsome weak human beings who are forced to bow down for the circumstantial outcomes as they are unable to find out ways and methods to change their destiny.  


What a pity, a few steps taken towards vague ambitions intoxicates a person to behave like a recognized expert in all the subject of business. Unknowingly, you start talking pretentiously with your friends and colleagues. They understand that you just move along with them for the time being. Finally, it is perceived by others as arrogance.


A sudden alienation is also called a silent arrogance. Friends, colleagues or known people should not think that your behaviours are not normal to them. You should be very careful and delicate in your manners. In fact, a lot of willful aspirants, when they started to do something new and unique, behaved uninterestedly among his friends, colleagues and relatives. Their estranged manners made them to drop their actions in the middle as they lacked moral support or even pal pat when they were at difficulties.


It doesn’t mean that arrogance is open and treating others unworthy by your superiority. Even a sudden alienation is also a kind of arrogance. Although there are a lot of assignments and mustdo tasks pending and you should finish this in no time, you must behave properly and give reasonable attention to the voices of your known segment of people.


If you don’t find the necessity of suppressing your swaggering attitude in the sprout, the swaggering attitude is gradually exaggerated subconsciously due to the lacking of active attempts to suppress such thoughts.


When you suppress any improper/arrogant thoughts at the beginning, your relationship is intact. You get good supports; so, your actions are on line. Target never missed!