Story of the Grandeur

14/06/2013 00:00

Life is a very good entertainment if you recall the difficult paths you have overcome like how hard you have been hit and how efficiently you have managed to escape from the hardships. Yes, it is a lovely feeling if you allow it to run in your mind like a movie when you are sometimes alone. It will motivate you in a way that it is worth to struggle, sacrifice and work hard to further elevate your status in the society. So, it is good to recall here and there.


There is a better drafted entertainment which is prepared and to be in waiting for you. By the time you grow very old, you must have reached a fantastic status to run the recalling as a classic story, your own story. Yes, you are the hero. The story is not an articulated imagination like a movie. Your real magnificent story is going to be a lesson for the upcoming dynamic souls.


On the contrary, a very few known people make business and earn money very easily, which is most possible by unethical means. Forget about others how they look at them. Please don’t take them as role models. Think from your own conscience which will always spark like flash in your mind whenever an immoral action is to going be done.


Until reaching a high status, things will not happen easily for any individual unless there is a high chance of unscrupulous practices. You check with anyone and you will agree with me. May be he is extremely rich, interviewed by Medias and internationally famous. But, his conscience will talk the truth within himself. There is no happy recalling for such crooked rich, believe me.


Please understand that your conscience will be tight and disturbing at the very old age because the chance of reversing the mistakes of past is almost nil at old age. Don’t take it easily.


Self-actualization is the greatest point of happiness. It doesn’t mean that every rich is living a self-actualized life. Money and luxury are not the criteria for this. Frustrations may force to think now - who cares, and pushes to make money by any means.  We should be careful. Inappropriate richness will end up in horrible life even though outwardly life looks normal. If everything happens so easily, then there is no charm in life.


To lead a successful life, you should strengthen your Willpower with the strong commitment which helps you take full charge on your shoulder. You will not blame others and not get disappointed even the slightest. Remember you are writing your own won story. You should fuel the fire inside you to win your life game overcoming all the difficulties. Be cool, your struggle, sacrifice and patience will give sumptuous bonanza.


Yours must be a Story of the Grandeur. Well done, your…. Target never missed!