Recession proves your Stamina (Part 3 of 3)

11/07/2013 00:00

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part 3....

No blame game

Decide clearly that you will not blame anyone. It is about taking responsibility. You will not collectively allow your family, people or team to fail. It is like an attitude of King. You shouldn’t blame or complain anyone or anything. Don’t mistake that you are not assertive as you are simply accepting the push. You are still assertive but, you are truthful to your potential and to your energy. You shouldn’t waste your potential. Be truthful to your potential. If you don’t like a particular situation, don’t stay there and complain or blame. Just quit for utilizing your stamina better instead of wasting your time and potential.


Please recall the saying – “rough sea makes good sailor” which directly means other way also that is “a calm sea doesn’t make good sailor” – any sailor irrespective of his skills and talents can sail at calm sea. 


If you are 100% sincere in your efforts without playing the blame game, it will not lie to produce results even at the time of deep recession.


Otherwise, the major threat of recession is that it is damn sure to erode your accumulated wealth, potential earnings and savings. In the contemporary situation, you could easily find so many examples in your surroundings, like they were yesteryears rich, but today’s poor. This is the reality. A small slip from the vigilant attitude will make a total downfall.


The above all will definitely be helpful and keep your Willpower committed to withstand any pressure and move ahead with your full stamina.

Please understand that you can’t stop the recession from happening altogether.


Realize the advantage of declining situation which supports and illuminates high stamina performers seperately from the other weak. Prove to the world that you can run tirelessly. The only determination from your side is that you should maintain your positive attitude to keep boldly moving. It is a real test time for your stamina, ability, capacity and talents. If you work with full vigour, you definitely win!


For you, recession is not bad, but an opportunity which helps you get projected as a real bold, talented and a guy of high stamina. Any normal can do business at the time of boom. On the other hand, only a limited smarts and bold crowds will run the business successfully in recession also. You are one among the star performers. You look at utilizing the above stormy tactics to turn the slump on your favour. You  definitely come to the limelight!  Your…. Target never missed!