Recession proves your Stamina (Part 2 of 3)

10/07/2013 00:00

Recession proves your Stamina (Part 1 of 3)

Yes, there are certain ways to improve your stamina. The foremost is to strengthen your Willpower. Your strengthened Willpower looks at the things in a different perspective and destroys all the negativities. Have a look at the below points to workout.


Expand your horizon of responsibility

It is common that there are a lot of layoffs and resignations at the time of slump. It doesn’t mean that the entire company or country is completely closed. Every entity is trying to find out and utilize the high stamina individuals who will have the capacity to shoulder additional responsibility. If you take the responsibility, that is all - you finish it. No excuse you make. You must do added tasks extremely well, and you are well prepared in advance with the stamina required for doing extra tasks. It is totally a different mind-set you have. Yes, a winner mind-set it is.


Be practical

You should be very practical in a sense that sometimes you will feel like forced to carry out more in a limited time and resources. As a high performing person, you may get angry by your perception as you are exploited. Don’t get angry. This is the time that you should be very practical. It doesn’t mean that you are adjusting, but you are handling the situations effectively as you have the energy. This attitude will help you to gain wonderful experience. Don’t get angry, - read our article – “Uninfluenced decisions - by Anger”.


For e.g. Fire brigades are expected to get closer to the source of fire to extinguish, control and to rescue the people as well, whereas, everybody else is advised to distance away from the fire. As a matter of fact, fire brigades are trained for those risky tasks. They can efficiently handle a burning situation.


The same logic is applied here for high stamina individuals. So, be practical, if you are found out to be smart, you will be pressurized to handle the panicking recessionary condition. Your Willpower should be ready to take it as a challenge and act bold, that’s all. You will agree with me when you get the credit for what you have achieved, you will definitely enjoy the extra credit very soon.


Exploit recession to prove your efficiency.


Utilize the recession a chance of proving your efficiency. Yes, efficiency is nothing but achieving the maximum productivity at the minimum energy. Recession is the good opportunity to prove your efficiency which means you are not regular.


You are smartly working out plans by your minimum effective moves. Boldness and withstanding ability – signs of high stamina are the outcome of your conscious practice to develop those attitudes. You have become bold and intelligent by now. Your practice doesn’t leave you empty handed. So, you exploit the recession on your favour to prove your efficiency. It will be a lesson even if you slip a little bit, you will understand your potential and get a chance to improve the lacking areas.

to be continued in part 3....

Recession proves your Stamina (Part 3 of 3)