Recession proves your Stamina (Part 1 of 3)

09/07/2013 00:00

The life is full of ups and downs. We have clearly realized by the virtue of information technology that there is no place on the earth completely recession proof. Irrespective of the region, power and weather condition, the recession penetrates everywhere. The world is knitted much close together like a human body.


For e.g. if it hurts a finger, the other parts of the body will also feel the pain and uneasiness until the wounds is cured on that particular finger. The same way, recession in a country where it starts also spreads to other countries gradually.


It is not of much use to analyse in a macro point of view how recession is occurring. A lot of economists, statisticians and business analysts have been investigating for decades to find out how to stop such a nasty declining scenario from reoccurring. But, in regular intervals, the recession is coming and going by new names. There is no clear formula arrived at yet to make a full stop, and there won’t be any in the future also.


Your preparation, in a micro level, is the only formula to withstand downtrends.


The best way of surviving on the recession is to accept it first. It is not a time of expressing anger at economic policies or trade tariffs. It is a very valuable time to prove your individual stamina. Thereby, you can move better than the regular failing crowds. If you see deeply, recession clears the ill prepared and short sighted greedy people. At the same time, it is manageable for the one who has developed his extra stamina to withstand.


For e.g. in sports, athletes will run to get the fitness and form. At the time of their daily practice, they are running beyond a little bit extra even after they are completely exhausted. It improves stamina. So, they are not getting tired from the regular distance. They have stamina leftover to cover the extra distance if required.


As we have seen before in the article “Magic of withstanding”, it is about how you are able to live in the painful moments, whereas, you will never ever give up because you have still energy leftover to continue more than the regular when there is requirement. The question is what will give you the extra stamina for not to get tired. Is there any specific way to improve the stamina like a sports person?

to be continued in part 2....

Recession proves your Stamina (Part 2 of 3)