Read - Reading - Sign of Patience and Progress (Part 3 of 3)

24/07/2013 00:00

Read - Reading - Sign of Patience and Progress (Part 1 of 3)

Read - Reading - Sign of Patience and Progress (Part 2 of 3)

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It is an irrefutable fact that the education has finally become to the resemblance of entertainment. The ultimate point is that the amount of available entertainment has become the threat to the books, including digital books.


Now the scenario is like whether the chicken came first or egg came first. Yes, the absence of audiences for books caused to surplus entertainment in abundant volumes or may be vice versa. In fact, we are living in the bank of entertainment explosion! Every minute, there is a chance of distraction to fall into the entertainment addiction. Read our article Laziness is Crime!


Entertainment has deeply penetrated in every human’s mind which is a mind filling activity. Exposure or addiction of entertainment made collectively humans, from children to adults saying frequently the words like “boring, bored and time doesn’t pass”. Everybody wants to kill the time. Nowadays, a small kid is telling “it is boring life”! When have we seen such a mind filling entertainment world in the human history?


People are spending hours together on music, films, comedy shows, web shows, chatting, boozing etc. from morning to midnight. The TV is on in our houses for almost 24 hours. Entertainment has become the soul of our society which made us that living is an entertainment”. Very bad is that the life has come to such a conclusion that pleasures in life can be obtained only by entertainments. We can’t imagine a life without modern varieties of fun.


A man of bigger ambitions, you are expected to influence the society to encourage the people, kids to develop more on habit of reading books. Seriously, you have to take an initiative. The vanishing habit of reading has to be revived back to the state of dynamic activity in the hearts of modern youths. Reading is not an old habit. Believe me, you can’t win alone and enjoy your success if your society fails. So, carry a vision for your society, encourage the growing kids and teens for reading. 


As a man of magnificent vision, you should aim for the societal development which should be the long term goals. You are getting self-actualized when you help your society stay and stride on the path of success. It is your duty. Importantly, you demonstrate how your reading habit helps your growth.


Every morning, you should get up enhanced mentally at an elevated status of wisdom from the previous day. Reading helps your intellect correlate different subjects you have studied and gives you a collective understanding. This will enlighten your sixth sense and in the matter of utilizing your power of intuition. Your short sighted nature will be cured by the habit of regular reading.


Don’t forget to read the books of history. In the recent days, history is a hardly chosen topic of interest while reading. But, it is a must for you that you should sink in the flavour of history which will make you understand the purpose of life better. The studying of world history changes your way of thinking. It will help you achieve wonderful balance of your personal life and social life.


Prove it that mankind keeps on improving by the power of passing the ideas and concepts to the next generations by writing. Simply, all the archaeological evidences of old age writings are witnesses.


Reading is like the crown of jewels which is a sign showing patience and progress nature of an individual. Your reading habit gives you patience  which helps you progress. You read and you have made your society and next generation children to read. So, you must win and make ways for your society also to win. One thing is sure, that is, you are going to have a huge no. of readers for your biography!

Your….Target never missed!



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