Read - Reading - Sign of Patience and Progress (Part 2 of 3)

23/07/2013 00:00

Read - Reading - Sign of Patience and Progress (Part 1 of 3)

part 2....

Here we are not simply talking about the school pedagogies. The subject is surely related to the development of reading habit among children – a basic necessity for mankind to keep the pace of enhancement.


The modern schools are identified like fashion houses by the advanced techniques followed for teaching. The techniques include Games, Audio visuals, Activity based learning, Internet based virtual teachings etc. The class rooms are more interactive from the nursery levels to higher schools. Importantly, the schools are rated top class when it is fully equipped with ultramodern web based, broadcast education system like Virtual Smart class and vastly depended more on technologies to teach rather to teach with centuries old teacher based.


On the one hand, the aforesaid new techniques are really good and create greater influence in registering the subject teachings in the minds of children - students. At the same time, it doesn’t come alone without carrying any side effects. The important side effect is that the new techniques make education being approached on watching perspective like watching TV, games, movies, shows etc. from the childhood.


Especially the fresh brain of the Children is psychologically getting conditioned by the new Smart classroom techniques to develop the craving towards the audio visual entertainment. The impact of this craving attitude severally declines the reading habits of the children from the budding age. This should seriously be noticed to remedy or to keep a check on education system because it is widely accepted and spread everywhere in the world that purely technology based learning is superior to a human teacher.


Audio visual based education is a kind of short cut, however, develops an intolerant attitude among students in the matter of preparation through referring to various books, reading and writing.


You could have noticed that no child is interested in reading books in the recent times, whereas, more interested in watching videos, audio visual teachings sources, games, ultimately approach education through the perception of entertaining the brain. This is going to be the habit of the children in their adulthood and in their life long future.


It is a critical period now that the education system has to be checked seriously how to strike the balance between modern virtual teachings and traditional teaching. Otherwise, future society will completely forget to read and write, and only be interested in watching.

to be continued in part 3....

Read - Reading - Sign of Patience and Progress (Part 3 of 3)