Read - Reading - Sign of Patience and Progress (Part 1 of 3)

22/07/2013 00:00

Reading is the genius act of humans. The first step of knowledge evolution started from the creation of letters to write and read. We have been learning history, evolutions, concepts, and tactics for centuries through reading. The habit has enhanced our intellectual ability which caused to flourish throughout the ages of our history by preserving the historical achievements and developments in the form of writings like textbooks, scrolls etc. and the same is taken as a source of research and learning for further development.


As inhabitants of the modern world, we are well aware of the importance of reading and how this habit has enhanced the life of mankind through awakening the thought process. It is a well-known fact that a society is measured by its available amount of literature to find out its depth of understanding and knowledge. Even now, there are societies and clans associated with well-developed intelligence from its literatures of writings.


The question is that do we sincerely follow the habit of reading, a basic criterion of gaining knowledge, wisdom, with passion? Partially we can say answer yes. In fact, we have read the books of our school educational subjects as students and in our youth while graduation; we studied all the subjects by reading. But, the habit of reading is gradually dangerously declining in the current times!


Going with the technological advancements, education sector is also adapting newer techniques of teaching in the name of Virtual class rooms, Smart class, TV broadcast etc. The mode of education is getting into the methods of Audio visual based education even from the Nursery schools. Yes, it is perceived that Audio visual based teaching materials have greater impact than the conventional methods of teaching.


In fact, a teacher’s teaching in the class room standing in front of the students is nothing but audio visual in real human form. It has educated the society the knowledge and wisdom to the greater impact.

to be continued in part 2....

Read - Reading - Sign of Patience and Progress (Part 2 of 3)