Process fast, Progress fast

13/06/2013 00:00

Speed, fast, quick….this is all demanding words of today’s world. From cars, computers, video games, flights, ships oven, climate controls, washing machine and we can rack the list to any no. of items, in one short, the world is fast. It is getting true that mankind is achieving fast in all the fields from rocket science to kitchen science.  We love fast actions, quick moves and lightning reach.

Two questions.

  1. Are you on par now with the world? or
  2. Can you pick up fast?

Some would respond spontaneously, why not, we can do things fast. Fantastic, again there is one more question. Are you still focussed? Here, the reality comes; we can have the power of doing things either fast or focussed but slowly.


Imagination is easy which takes to the moon in a momentary thinking. The real world situations are different. It has resistances as there is no exclusive path for you. You always have traffic from both sides on your direction and on opposite as well.


However, you should have done something to strengthen your willpower not to get tired in such resistances. It is like going for a Gym. If you want to tone your muscle, you should go daily to the gym and practice. So, you get combined benefits like – you tone your muscles, you become stronger and may be some other benefits like good sleep, relaxed mind set etc.


The point is that when you practice continuously any good things, you are benefited. The same law is applicable to improve your processing speed of your mind.


Just look at this one more e.g. if you are forced to use a computer of older version and open a webpage, and it shows its opening attempt of circular signs for quite a few minutes , will you be interested in working with such a computer. No, not all, you will hate to even look at keeping such an obsolete machine. Why, you want the latest version - high speed processor because your computer should work at blinks to process things fast like opening webpages, streaming videos, etc.


You should practice solving problems. You can obtain knowledge through direct experiences by throwing yourself into a problematic situation. Otherwise, you can learn through indirect experiences by reading books, history, lifetime events etc from which you can correlate your present situation and find a solution. Over a period of time, your mind will start increasing the speed of thought process.


So, do consciously run in your mind about the fast thoughts processing with the available limited information.  Be more alerted whenever you are exposed to problems and try to solve fast. Read a lot of books of different positive subjects, and gradually you will have improved processing speed of your thoughts.


Why we talk here with so much importance on fast. Fast process will deliver fast solution. If it becomes your way of solving things, you could see the stage of success approaching. Soon you win. Target never missed!