Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 4 of 4)

23/09/2013 00:00

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The strong determination starts with fighting your own fearful sensation before fighting any external danger. It is about suppressing the perceived danger by suppressing the sensation in your brain to nullify the effect arising out of fear. It is about changing the way your brain chemicals behave. Then only things will be under your control.


Developing this conscious thought to fight your own sensation is the first and essential step in pretending to be fearless.


Otherwise, uncontrolled sensation will lead to continuous release of fear related brain chemicals which further cause for some involuntary actions/functions like racing heart, gasping, shivering, trembling voice, stuttering, dry mouth and throat, stomach upset and improper behaviours and manners. These uncontrollable actions can easily be observed by anyone seeing you. And the effects of those actions shall maintain for short time or long time depending on the situation and the depth of fear, however affect one’s physical and mental health very seriously.  


If fear occurred at your mind, the first thing what you should do is; to fight and suppress the sensation happening at your brain. This fighting consciousness is gradually fine-tuned by your frequent exposure of fearful situations. At the same time, you should be strongly determined to show yourself fearless even by pretending and nobody ever wants to see you as a coward.


Your prior determination to show you fearless anyhow, even by pretending, spontaneously teaches your brain to face the threat and survive, win and not to worry at any cost. The detemination to pretend wins before the fear sensation takes you under its control by brain chemical release. So, all outwardly visible involuntary actions/functions are avoided before occuring at your body. Nobody sees you trembling, shivering etc. which are all the signs of weakness and make opponents think that you can be defeated easily. Your expression of fear will make you weak and allow the surroundings to drive their dominance until you surrender to their trigger.


So, dictate your mind to show somehow that you are a fearless person. Simultaneously analyse the complete fearful situations and try to bifurcate the scenario as much as possible into pieces. This will help you understand the individual causes which collectively make you afraid of. While bifurcating, you get the clarity about which one you have to target first. This helps you realise even the blind spots also. Now, you are fully aware what is even hidden and to be surprise factor.


It is the moment that your decision to pretend is exaggerated meaning you are going to intensify your pretending as if you are aggressively bold. 


This is about working out a plan imagining what a fearless one would do aggressively at the particular situation. And you are going to imitate. This imitation will help you suppress easily the already split individual causes of fear, first in your mind. The combination of actions (pretending at your brain internally as you want to show fearless anyhow and pretending at the source of fear externally as you are highly bold) changes the situations on your favour. This favour further converts your brain sensation from the feeling of threat to the feeling of control and gradually comfort.  Your pretending takes the situation under control and gives you enough winning options.


Everybody becomes an expert in any field by continuous exposure. The same way, the continuous exposure of fearful events, rather being always in comfort zones, with the determination to fight even by pretending will develop the brain to readily face any threatening situations. These continuous pretending and overcoming threats will make you fearlessness over a period of time as an outcome of experience – by frequent exposure. So, fearing can be rectified by pretending.


In the beginning, you should act like a movie actor – yes you sincerely pretend to show yourself a fearless individual always. The frequent experience becomes your habit which is almost real bold. You will realise you real boldness in a matter of time which has after all started from pretending to be fearless.


If you even pretend to be fearless with full belief to win, Your target, boldness,….never missed!