Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 3 of 4)

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Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 1 of 4)

Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 2 of 4)

part 3....

The perceived danger – the root cause of all fear occurs at brain. The dictionary gives the meaning of fear “which is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat”.


So, fear is an apprehension, an emotion of uneasiness, anxious feeling. There are various types of "phobias" nowadays as the medical science diagnoses new fear triggers assocaited to certain individuals. Even there are cases of hygenic fear, internet phobia or web phobic - a new fear. 

This is about fear of browsing. There are people afraid of browsing because they mostly get derailed to unwanted subjects by advetisement triggers even though they don't even keep that subject in their mind while starting the browsing. But, the flickering ad clips pulls them, and they derail uncontrollably. So, they better stay away and refrain from browsing internet because of this compulsive derailing ad triggers.


In fact, trigger threatens extremely to the one who is not even capable enough to pretend to be fearless. The threatening is intensified to him as he keeps the perception of fear constant. This means; he thinks that he is going to be prey, still in danger. At the same time, the situation happening around him will take a turn positively when he decides to fight his own sensation. This fighting spirit influences the end result to occur on his favour.


So, never ever allow yourself to go untried for at least learning to pretend fearless/bold – a wonderful magical state of personality.  Fear and bold, both can’t persist together.


For e.g. you fill a glass with water or juice, and then the glass is full of water or juice. If you don’t fill a glass with any liquid or substances, then it is empty. In actual state, it is not empty, but, filled with air. In the same way, your mind will naturally be filled with fear if you don’t purposefully fill your mind with the thoughts of fearlessness. The worst thing is that fear is easily noticeable by anyone seeing you. You should struggle hard to position yourself as bold - a fearless mind. 


To dispel the fear which is naturally present, you should develop fearlessness. It is a process which starts from pretending to show bold / fearless. You are going to act like a real bold person how he will behave in such a frightening scenario as you are facing currently.


As you pretend to be fearless, you should decide to keep going, facing all threats and withstanding any obstacles until you achieve things on your favour. This movie acting type voluntarily tries very hard to get out of the circumstances of failure by continuously filling up with vigour of inspiring thoughts. You won’t become shaken for any unexpected mishaps or outcomes when you do this.


Pretending to be fearless also develops sustainability in your actions; you will become sustainable in all your endeavours. To be fearful, you don’t want to pretend, just forget to fuel the thought of attaining the boldness and stay ever at the point of comfort by not getting exposed to any risky events. 


On the other hand, to become bold, you should strive continuously with full vigour to somehow attain. It is easy to say. But, to become bold hearted in real life, it needs a strong determination.

to be continued in part 4....

Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 4 of 4)