Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 2 of 4)

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Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 1 of 4)

part 2....

Our own human atmosphere which starts preparing to expel anyone out of his survival from the moment he panics. After all, this world wants “fear – your expression of fear’; expressing a small amount will create a humiliating situation and a nose diving life time event. Otherwise, what do you think, this world is waiting readily to give you? It will definitely give failure if you don’t even know how to pretend fearless in your pursuit.


I strongly hope you will not argue with me if I term fearlessness and boldness in the same tone. In fact, both are expressing the same meaning.


Please understand that fear is a natural choice of mind when there is the absence of boldness. Boldness is a fearless attitude which is ready to get hit and move – a risk taking attitude. And it is about withstanding ability (read our article Magic of Withstanding) to face the obstacles fearlessly. Our mind-set has been taught to put something in, to expel something out.


For e.g. gaining the knowledge will nullify or banish the ignorance and foolishness. So, knowledge dispels foolishness. But, once knowledge has dispelled the foolishness, foolishness cannot exist to dispel knowledge unless we allow our mind knowingly to think ignorant.


On the contrary, to be foolish, one doesn’t want to strive hard or take any big effort– hope I am right. If one doesn’t learn anything with voluntary effort, he will naturally be foolish. At the same time, to gain knowledge and wisdom, he should definitely struggle. Otherwise, knowledge will not be a natural choice as the way the foolishness is. Foolishness is natural. To dispel foolishness, one learns. It is the human science – an undeniable fact.


The vital element of human science is that, for obtaining any positive attribute, a man must struggle hard and sustain his struggles until he becomes victorious in the field of interest he pursues. But, for obtaining failure, he doesn’t want to struggle. Negligence will take him to the bottom of the ditch even though he is inherited billions.


Absence of struggles to succeed will naturally present failure to anyone. So, in our mind, an absence of some allows something else of opposite to be present as a natural choice. Fear and boldness are also working on this same logic.


Fear is the natural phenomenon as we grow and gain knowledge of death by witnessing the natural extinction process or any other mode of death happening to the fellow humans. So the threat to our survival is the main source of developing fear.


So, we naturally have the presence of fear in our mind on death phenomenon. This nature of fear is a sensory message realised by discharging brain chemicals associated with the fear. This typical chemical release pattern is spread to other areas of our life whenever we are afraid of anything. The fear indicates to us one important thing at any particular situation whenever we are afraid of; that is “our life or survival is in danger”.

to be continued in part 3....

Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 3 of 4)