Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 1 of 4)

02/09/2013 00:00

Very apparently, we are not living in the animal world or in the centre of a forest. We are living as a human society together with fellow humans – our own friendly beings! Humans are the greatest creatures. For the known universe, there is no other creature living to define why universe exists unless we humans give definition and explanation of the universal cosmology through our scientific discoveries.


Definitely, we are big.

As a human race, we are really prideful to say that we are the greatest creature with the possession of action called “intelligence” – our reasoning ability.


Although the above is true, there is a tough question raised simultaneously like to whom we can say and prove our prideful existence. This question makes all the troubles whatever we are suffering now and forever. Yes, we are trying to say and prove our supreme human intelligence to the fellow human beings as we don’t have a common enemy/or any beings anywhere else in the universe for the entire human society. So, some of us try to prove by accumulating wealth, some by knowledge and education and some by threatening and disturbances. 


God’s creation is in such a fashion that we are the only intelligent beings having the power of doing innumerable amount of wonderful things. But, we generally suppress our intelligence for the sake of enjoying worldly pleasures individually.


The intelligence, when it is fuelled with greed, masks our moral rationality and makes us behaving highly foolish, a contradiction for the purpose of being intelligent on the intelligence point of view. We behave definitely foolish whenever we try to prove the supremacy of individual intelligence against our own fellow humans. This is happening in reality for thousands of years among us as we have never found any other creatures to prove our supremacy of intelligence.


Yes, this is a very major problem in this world. If we had found any other intelligent life which can compete with us, we could have evolved greatly to the peak of our intelligence by concentrating our full energy in opposing and winning them. But, the fact is “no one” - unfortunately “there is no one else like us intelligent in the entire universe”. We won’t find any.


Ultimately, we are living in the human world, whereas, definitely with mega pressures of animal like atmospheres, I literally mean “a threatening atmosphere”.


Your life starts every day in the morning with the outside world. After getting up in the morning, you are going out to carry on your daily tasks. You are definitely going out and mixing with the human world, not to the animal world for hunting.


But, if you fix an opinion that you are greatly welcome by wide open hands by this world, you will be terrified to know the fact – which is an opposite. The world is preparing its moves to defeat anyone weak under the power of fellow human’s dominance.

to be continued in part2....

Pretending to be fearless - Art of becoming real bold (Part 2 of 4)