Present tensed! Future eased!

11/06/2013 00:00

Conscience arrows questions to the mind how far you can go on to achieve wonderful things without any initiating. Your mind replies, “I know I will take my decision at the right time”. No one clearly knows when the right time is unless otherwise you act on that trigger. This set of continual questions and answers is revolving around your thoughts for so many years particularly whenever you are exposed to agony.


It is good that mankind naturally has the habit of forgetfulness. Any emotional thought is carried in a person’s mind generally not more than 3 days whether it is of happy events or even very sad events. This is again the reason for mood swings.


We could easily notice how one’s emotional temperament changes in a matter of few hours or in a few days. For e.g. one of our friend talks in a challenging voice as he has almost decided to quit his job to do something very seriously, and in a momentary time his action plans will be done. You are made to think that he will be doing great soon. But, if you talk to him after a few days, you will be surprised that is this one talked so provocatively that day. Now, his mood has swung, whose emotional status or trigger of a few days ago has vanished from his mind. So, he carefully finds excuses to prove why he is not acting on his plans now. Wait and see, he will never act on his plan because he enjoys comfort and laziness; both are enemies for starters of magnificent plans/executions.  


It is about vigilance how deep you are hungry to hunt the prey like an eagle. Even eagles fly at a very far off altitude; it scowls vigilantly to hunt its prey. You should be vigilant to catch up the trade winds, when it blows, to sail your success ship fast.


Yes, your mind is your wind. It offers choices whenever there is difficulty. Normally the choices are - act against the odds, adjust for the time being, worst choice to surrender. Mostly, being unable to decide, you naturally choose to adjust for the time being. The often you choose to adjust for the time being will make your mind bend to pacify your Willpower and gradually work against your Willpower through your subconscious mind.


You should utilize your own psych when you are trapped; to raise up against all odds, and act on your own dreams with full freedom. You want to make the future, your glorious future.


Remember the formula; allow yourself to accept and to manage your tensed present which manoeuvre your future eased!

Your Target never missed!