Optimal weight hits at Minimal wait – (Part 3 of 3)

07/07/2013 00:18

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Other than physiology, there are psychological points of view also. Generally psychology argues that activeness of a man is depending on his body weight and shape.


However, some psychologists talk about success/richness on a different logic, that is, it is not that a person is getting fat because of his richness. On the opposite, he is naturally fat, so he gets rich. This logic argues that the fat man tries to use his mind more sharply than a lean man, which will help the fat to reduce his frequent body movements as he finds difficult to move his body much. At the same time, his sharp thinking assures smart moves and success. This is an argument however, not highly reliable as we witness most of the fat people are lazy and not being every fat successful.


The above argument develops a thinking of purposefully gaining more weight with the hope that more weight helps use the mind sharply in an opinion, you will get richer by more weight gain. Don’t make the mistake and end up as an ardent supporter of junk food. This is not correct.


Excess weight is always a problem.


For e.g, you need a 20 ton truck to carry 20tons of load from one place to another. But, to carry a 5 ton load, you don’t want 20 ton truck; a small 5 ton vehicle is enough. The same logic is also applied for human body also. If one is in ideal weight, he is comfortably moving with less energy. He is not getting tired easily.


On the contrary, if he is obese, he needs more energy to move his physique. More energy needs more food. More food again adds chance of gaining more weight, and he is getting tired easily even from his routine works. All this combination will end up in more rest or more sleep. Finally, he becomes lazy. Over a periond of time, he is trying to maintain restful position more, which will compromise his achievement passion. By this time, you know the answer where he will end. He will end up in a usual survival, but, definitely nothing big.


In the beginning of your career, you may normally get minor success which will give an excitement as something new is happening. But, it shouldn’t trap you to lose your mind on body weight. It is not that you have won your life game. It is a small success, enjoy it. But, don’t lose your form.


As a man of targeting big, you should be able to swirl briskly. You should be viewed by others as a galloping horse. You should not sit bent down with tiredness. Work out physically to achieve and maintain optimal weight which will keep your body and mind active, and you are ready to move at any time. Another advantage of optimal weight is that even less quantity of food will give good energy. You will not simply become bulky. Your lightness will be energetic even by very less amount of sleep. You can gallop tirelessly.


As your rest time is less, you have more time to work out your strategies. Your dedication towards doing more will produce successive results. You watch continuous progress, take action then and there. Your movements definitely take you to reach your desired destination - Success.


Your optimal weight of your body hits at minimal wait time of success.


Your….Target never missed!