Optimal weight hits at Minimal wait – (Part 2 of 3)

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Optimal Weight hits at Minimal Wait – (Part 1 of 3)

part 2...

Overweight is a drawback and force the talented people to go with moderate performance. Talents are silenced by the bulky body. If they don’t try to reduce their weight, they may permanently fall behind the milestones. Also, they may slowly drop efforts to hit the goals as they find difficult to move their body from the resting position to the adequate necessities of their business. They are going to slow their growth and accept it which is the only option because they haven’t taken efforts to maintain optimal weight.


At the same time, it doesn’t mean that all lean is highly quick in their actions. Optimal weight is definitely advantageous for the high ambition persons.


For e.g. the cholesterol analysis talks about LDL bad cholesterol; the blood reading 110mg/dL to 130mg/dL is normal and 140 to 160 is borderline. However, these readings are ok for people who don’t have any chronic disease.


But, if a person is hyper tension or diabetic, he is advised to maintain at optimal level of LDL cholesterol between 70mg/dL to 110mg.dL, not 110 to 130. The reason is that he has higher risk factors such as diabetes or high BP than the normal disease free people.


The same logic is applicable on optimal weight for the individuals who are thirsty and dreaming to achieve big in life. They are not routine workers. The routine dull will work for a life time without bigger ambitions and accept whatever comes in. They don’t care on weight gain. Even if some of them care, it is only on the safety point of view, not from the success point of view.


Irrespective of lean or fat, the strong Willpower is must to live successfully. Our Article “I am a Locomotive” discusses about the importance of moving physically/actively whether one is lean or overweight. But, it is easy to maintain consistency and energy by being in optimal weight. This is advantageous for high achievers as the responsibility is high for them. They will be very stubborn, active and keep on moving even if they get hit by various obstacles. They will not stop until their target is achieved.


On Physiological human science; it has evolved with so many findings and facts on humans like Body Fat, Bone Mass and Body hydration levels etc. an important finding BMI – Body Mass Index helps one to keep target falling between 19 to 25 BMI. But, 19 to 21 BMI is better for quickness than at 22 to 25 which are also falling in normal BMI category. 

to be continued in part 3.....

Optimal weight hits at Minimal wait – (Part 3 of 3)