Optimal Weight hits at Minimal Wait – (Part 1 of 3)

05/07/2013 00:00

Physical health is a question mark for the majority of human class. People are care free and enjoy the modern sedentary lifestyle. They don’t mind to seriously think whether they are going to be physically fit to continue their routine tasks at least. Beyond physical health, optimum weight is a very important criterion to achieve great things in life on the physical ability point of view, to move energetically.


As it has been said earlier in the previous articles, there are 3 rules to strengthen your Willpower and strengthen your life with success; decide to act immediately, do it now and never ever postpone your actions. All these 3 rules talk about a kind of urgency in doing actions/things without delaying.


The actions are to be carried out based on your thinking. However, thinking alone is not sufficient to carry out actions effectively. Your thinking will help conceive a plan. However, you need some basic resources to execute it. One of the highly significant basic resources is your energy for quickness. The quickness is an easy outcome of optimum body weight. Yes, optimum weight will give the power to your mind to suggest new chain of actions as you have already acted on the prior suggestions of your mind. This process is continuously going on in your life – a sign of winning.


A lot of individuals may argue for maintaining health on the wellbeing opinion like living without catching many diseases. But, the maintenance of general health condition is different from the maintenance of optimum weight condition.


Optimum weight is talking about weight management which means, you are not overweight - feeling heavy, or, you are not underweight - feeling weak. Optimum weight is the ideal body weight where you are quick and energetic. You are not easily getting tired. It is advantageous maintaining between 19 and 21 on BMI logic than between 22 and 25.


You can witness that a lot of highly talented people are able to do very average performance. If you analyse the reason, they have dropped their weight management consciousness and gained more weight carelessly. In the beginning of their career, they are not that much heavy at young age, and mostly they are quick in actions to do something great in life. At the same time, the short time positive result out of their aggressive performance makes them to develop careless attitude, especially on body weight also. They don’t seriously take steps to prevent gaining overweight.

to be continued in part 2....

Optimal weight hits at Minimal wait – (Part 2 of 3)