Number Empowers – A Life Formula (Part 4 of 4)

26/08/2013 00:00

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The galloping starts in your career race when your words become numbers. Your commitment is in figures, and your action is based on the figures. You are very much comfortable with the question words - how much, how long, how many and when.


For e.g. if you are asked how much money you will save in this year, your answer will be in very specific numbers like $25000/-. By doing this, you can bifurcate narrowing down to monthly savings and you can work out your average daily expenses how much exact amount you can spend. It will be a realistic plan and highly workable. Thereby, your achievement of yearly saving plan is 99.99 sure. This is what is taught by SMART goals program which means your Goals should be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed and Tangible.


So, if your daily talking carries specific values, it is clearly targetable, measurable and highly achievable. Your success in terms of wealth is also multiplied tremendously when your everyday life and everyday commitments turn towards numbers. 


Even for a charity, if you tell them, the charity organisation, that you will pay $100/ every month for this current year, it is clear for you and for them to follow. Specific amount $100/ is better way of committing instead of a vague statement “I will try to give whatever the best I can give in a month from my monthly savings”. Now you tell me which way of commitment is clear and easy to follow - either ”I will pay $100 every month for this year” or “I will give whatever the best I can give in a month”. It is easy to act based on the commitments which you give by numbers.


You will also have better clarity on your organizing ability. It will give you a good control on your commitments like what you should do first; second and so on to honour your commitment. You have the advantage of monitoring your progressive performance as well. 


For e.g. to call somebody later, you will tell an exact time like 11.00am sharp. To finish a work, you will tell how much time it will take; like 2 hours it will take. If somebody is asking you to call him after 10 minutes, you will immediately look at your watch to see what the exact time is now like 10.30am to wait exactly for 10 minutes to call him again at 10.40am. You do everything by numbers, and follow closely with/by numbers.


As a man of aiming high and extra ordinary achievements, you must try with full determination to convert your answers, commitments and explanations into numbers. Your intelligence will get sharpened, and self-auditing will also get improved then and there at regular intervals in your subconscious mind. You will concurrently improve the ability in converting your action into specific numerical values. It is not easy to suddenly pick up number way of talking as a habit. This needs some hardwork in the beginning to develop a better understanding in the matters you deal with to find out how logically you can convert the lifetime events and commitments into numerical values.


You should not get tired to pronounce your commitment in specific values because this way of commitment is a kind of essentiality to hit the success at the earliest. Over a period of time, your time management skill, organising ability, physical mobility should definitely have been improved. And laziness, idle time, fatigue - too much sleepy and excessive entertainment habits must have also come down.


Your sense of honouring your specific value based commitments will propel you like a rocket to become vibrant, fast, bold and dynamic to achieve somehow. Also it is easy to measure how much you have achieved in your committment because measuring numbers is not difficult with the actual result or on-going process. You can’t escape by vague excuses. You commit means, that’s all, you must honour it. This way will become habitual and comfortable for you after some time.


Ultimately, your commitments, actions, explanation, everything is in numbers. So, your progress is easily measured and compared to set aright pitfalls if any. Your wealth will definitely reach to Mega numbers.


Truly, you will murmur from your heart that Numbers have greatly empowered you to hit the success at the earliest. Your Target -  a specific number ….never missed!