Number Empowers – A Life Formula (Part 3 of 4)

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Now you will definitely agree with me that converting our activities, events into specific numbers improves our intelligence. This is an interesting subject which should be mastered by everyone to hit the success at an early age.


Another e.g. you are working as a Sales Manager in a company. You attend an Annual sales meeting in your company. You are asking for an advertisement budget or for an increase in the advertisement budget. Your Manager is asking you the reasons why you want to go for advertisement or for an increase. You reply in plain and ineffective statement - “sales will increase”. But, he is asking how much sales will increase. Your manager wants an answer in figures. So, to give an answer very specifically or accurately like “sales will increase 25% or another $ 25 million or some related figures, you must have worked thoroughly all the calculations. Otherwise, you can’t give an accurate answer in specific numbers.


So, things are getting clear and focused when we deal our activities in numbers. The world supports the people who have the ability to talk to them in a precise way especially in numbers. Our world is a digital world. We set athletic records, records of Grand Prix race or any sports events for that matter in micro seconds and fractional numbers.


Statistics is the classic development of numbering. It helped us understand each other’s culture, liking, demography, developments etc. if you want to start up something new, you go for survey, statistics. Although statistics has reasonable amount of hypothetical judgements, it helped human and made the world a far better place than ever before in human history. It is all the power of talking by numbers.


The modern world is defined as a "micro world" or one step further ahead "Nano world". The micro seconds processing has made us to end up with…”we want everything fast” that’s all whether it is mobile phone, computer, travel or even movies of real life historical subjects. We want things fast.


Every day, there is something new, an innovation in technology to improve nothing but speed, some speed. This kind of fast liking characters collectively pushes an individual to show reciprocity which means – any individual, for being reciprocal as he expects everything fast, should also act or react fast in a society. And then he will, after all, be likeable for someone, and he can urvive successfully. Otherwise, he will be ignored completely. Converting things, perceptions into specific numbers will certainly help a person act fast as well as focussed.


The influence of numbering approach doesn't leave even no. of rings ringing in a telephone or mobile while a person is calling another person. A lot of service based business companies have been insisting their employees to attend the service phone calls in less than 3 rings. If a Service Sales person allows too many rings to attend the phone call, sometimes the client, who is calling by phone, will start developing momentary doubts about companies’ service capability in a short time. Yes, nowadays, even number of phone ring is watched seriously in the high competition.


Goal setting programs or SMART goals, everything stresses the numbering of plans, aims and actions. I suggest going for talking by numbers in each and every activity whatever we are doing. It is possible by the support of the latest technologies. It needs a little more determination to work out and practice. Then you will be able to answer easily by numbers, and more importantly, you will also act based on your answer by numbers.

to be continued in part 4....

Number Empowers – A Life Formula (Part 4 of 4)