Number Empowers – A Life Formula (Part 2 of 4)

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Number Empowers – A Life Formula (Part 1 of 4)

part 2....

The world gives a very good chance for a person to become very much successful if he has the natural liking for talking things in numbers. I don’t entirely mean here number as mathematics or mathematical equations. I mean just numbers.


Intelligence is a matter of practice, which is sharpened by your attempt to convert events already happened or to happen into numbers. Talking in figures is not easy. To achieve talking in numbers, you need to instigate your subconscious mind to try to convert practical things to numbers in the best possible manner. Numbers will give a chance of measurement. Measurement will give a chance for comparison and improvement.


For e.g. you are asked to give a speech on a stage, but, there is no time limit specified. You shall talk on your own way and time to give your speech having covered all the subject you wanted to talk.


In another assumed e.g. you are asked to give a speech on a stage for 15 minutes, a time fixed event. Here you should be an expert or well planned to go for the selection of opt words. You should express very precisely the complete subject whatever you wanted to speak and communicate your speech within the specified time limit. And the audience should understand well. If all these things have happened, you have given a very good speech in the limited time. Your speech can be titled as “Effective Speech” or you can be titled as “Effective Speaker”.


The essential step in the direction of improving the intelligence is to step towards talking the practical things in numbers to the best possible manner.


Even from the above 2nd example, you can clearly say that you have given an effective speech in 15 minutes time. May be you can’t say “I have talked 1500 words or 150 sentences for 15 minutes”. But, this way of explanation is also possible for well-trained individuals.  


Trying to work out things in numbers requires a kind of determination to look in to the subjects in a different perspective. It is not easy to go like conventional talking. Every day, you have hundreds of opportunities to improve upon the skill of talking in numbers. You can inculcate the same to the others whomever you are dealing with.


If you want somebody to call you in the night, you should get an answer that he or she will call you at 9 o clock in the night instead of getting a vague answer that he will call later in the night. If you know the subject matter to be happened at an exact time, you can be engaged in other task comfortably and get prepared at 9.00pm sharp for his or her call. She or he should also have a clear planning and organizing ability to commit the specific time 9.00pm sharp to give a call to you. So, this way of talking by numbers is a kind of attitude which makes 2 individuals get disciplined and improved in their planning and organizing ability herein this example.   

to be continued in part 3....

Number Empowers – A Life Formula (Part 3 of 4)