Number Empowers – A Life Formula (Part 1 of 4)

12/08/2013 00:00

Number is the classic encounter of mankind. It revolutionised the thinking of humans to the great extent.


What is your age?

What is your filial status?

How far is your home from here?

How many hours will this flight take to reach New York from Dubai?


Like the above, unlimited number of questions can simply be answered for the best understanding by numerical figures. Numbers explain things very clearly.


It is really a very big “Wow” element in the development of human thought process. It proves how great humans were blessed with the capability to talk in the language of numbers. It is also, after all, a language, but, gives totally a different perspective in all the subjects.


Number caused mankind to think differently and helped him find out statistics, geometry, science, mathematics and a lot of scientific developments. Man has been able to derive out various formula and hypotheses with the help of using numbers.  


If you think what caused to call something in numbers, you will find out an answer that there is a requirement of calling by numbers when there are similar things available in more than one number. Then it is something related to counting, measurement and quantity.


For e.g. we have 10 fingers, 2 hands, 2 legs. When a particular thing is available in one number, it is simply referred to common language like Heart. Nobody would like to say 1 Heart unless there is a requirement of comparison.


The recent on-going development in the world proves that there is nothing in life without numbers. We mix and sink in numbers from Astronomical science to kitchen science.


For e.g. Money, salary, wages, period, time, months, years, distance, mobile phones - look at anything; everything is referred to numbers. You can’t imagine a life without numbers. Ultimately, life itself has become number. If you want to say that your great grandfather lived for a very long time, you could say that he lived for 110 years instead of telling, he lived for a very long time. People will easily understand his age by 110 years. This mode of explanation is the greatest achievement and beauty of talking by numbers. 

to be continued in part 2....

Number Empowers – A Life Formula (Part 2 of 4)