Muscular Money - Wealthy VS Lean Money –Show off

09/06/2013 00:00

Money is not an important thing in our society. How many of you will agree with that statement? Hope, none of you will agree. If someone is living poor without sufficient income, he will be treated like a stranger in his own town. He is not required for important meetings, decisions and consultation. When he is getting elderly, his situation will get worse. This is a fact of life.


The materialistic world has a lot of tangible products offering ultra-luxuries to prove one - either he is extremely rich or a moderate class. The good thing about materialistic world is that it induces people to work hard thereby they can buy luxury. Any ambitious person is not going to live alone in a forest in renunciation. So, you should wish for earning money.


However, you should understand the well-known secret of money making. It is a simple formula proven for millennia; you should expend less than your income or expand your income to accommodate more expenses.


In today’s world, there are hundreds of investment vehicles offering opportunities daily to become rich. Irrespective of its volatility, it is tempting you to take extreme steps holding a blind belief, that you can earn huge sum through any of the investment vehicles like stocks, real estate, swaps, and future trade speculations. Even a small luck triggers you to spend like a spendthrift, and you spend too much to simply show off among your friends or society. If anybody earns more money by flick or click in general very fast, there is a very high chance of loosing it fast.


The point is that, if by any good means you have made fortunes, please make sure to keep it and invest it in prudential investments to generate offerings at your difficult times. Life is full of ups and downs. If you earn money and invest it cleverly instead of simply spending to show off, the money will earn more money for you.


We witness in every routine intervals for so many decades, may be for every six to seven years, there is a recession. A small count of enormous wealthy is recession proof. Others especially upcoming rich if they are debt trapped from the loan taken for buying beyond the limit luxuries to show off are deteriorating their hard earned fortunes very fast at the time of recession.


As a person of high ambitions and aiming good fortunes, be careful and never ever try to show off by loans beyond your means. Please understand that Debt will have a bigger influence in your action plans than you imagine. You will be forced to miss a very good opportunity due to the reason you are in perennial debt worrying about your monthly loan instalments and the consequences of its defaults.


Try to maintain modesty until you reach muscularly wealthy position.


Otherwise, you will work for your dead loans for life long. I don’t ask you to go for a minimum loan for your business expansion purpose. But, loans of unnecessary luxuries should be completely avoided. Debt free mind will keep you young, charged with full power and motivation to conceive new ideas and action plans to move fast towards your goals.  So, your actions are robust - your target never missed.