Motivation is Entertainment – A blunder (Part 2 of 2)

29/06/2013 00:00

Motivation is Entertainment – A blunder (Part 1 of 2)

Part 2...

Sources/homes of motivation have become an entertainment sites like movies. It is visited to enjoy mood spring, not on the purpose of catching up and following the writings or talks and to achieve something great in the life. People approach the source of motivation in a pure learning perspective only. But, they are not taking any action to have an impact on their life. So, the approach has unknowingly changed to entertainment perspective. They are not doing it very consciously.


They are exposed to motivational sources repeatedly without being able to draft a stubborn implementation plans. If they have acted then and there as they got motivated by motivational reading, the implementation should have yielded some outcomes. These outcomes will further lead them to gain more motivation again and again on action perspective because they have already started tasting the results of motivated actions. This is worth.


Majority of the motivation sources talk about success by associating the present reality of insults, failures, discouragement, poor recognition etc. which should be happening among a large majority of people. As you find anywhere, a school has a few toppers, a society has a few successful entrepreneurs and a country has a few business moguls. The remaining large sections are average or below average. This is the fact.


But, the different and important aspect of a few top achievers is that they are motivated by various sources, subsequently, they are continuing their actions to get benefitted. They are not missing the 2nd part, a real action, which is missing with a majority of wilful aspirants.


The energy to achieve success is motivation. Yes, motivation is the key to induce your fire, to run for your goals, to chase the success. But, it is an ignition. It ignites a light in your Willpower. You should utilize the moments on your favour.


You should never approach motivation as a kind of entertainment to pacify your feeling and to swing your moods like how you watch a movie. Motivation is not entertainment, not a movie, please understand.  As a visionary, take your steps to motivate regularly by any sources and act immediately to test and taste of the motivated Willpower. You will feel amazed to see the impact of motivation while you continue actions. For you, motivation and actions are simultaneous and continuous.


Definitely, Success will not slip from your hands. Your… Target never missed!