Motivation is Entertainment – A blunder (Part 1 of 2)

28/06/2013 00:00

The modern technology has driven the world to do wonders at rocket speed. Speed is the vital element of any success. However, the speed of invention and innovation in IT and Telecom is unbelievable. They are witnessing newness on every month. On the contrary, it is no way possible in other industries where the innovation or something totally new to come takes at least a year.


IT and Telecom force especially the wilful individuals to review the nature of job and industry if they are in different field other than IT. This sometimes makes them feel very little on their progress. They start feeling that their job is very bumpy, trivia and mundane. Above all, they are hidingly embarrassed to artificially show a very busy job time to their own family in a pretentious way. May be, their jobs demand some overtimes. In reality, it is not worthy to say busy that much.


The majority of them carry a boring job and lifestyle. All these reasons mixed together with poor recognition and rewards corners them to seek something new and challenging, really challenging to live with true passion.


The wilful crowds are getting curious every day to find the ingredients of hitting richness because they see how the royals, business magnets and famous artists live a fascinating life. It pours more fuel on the fire of their inspiration to aim for change and something big. They are too willing to gain fame, recognition and wealth at the shortest possible time. They are dreaming and keenly waiting to find out the right button of money printing machine.


Getting motivated is a very big plus; however, it is fading nowadays to create an impact.


Yes, the accumulated desperate scenario worldwide signals one thing clear in recent days that is - motivation has become an entertainment than never ever before in the human history. The materialism has added pressure to the success hunters somehow to touch the flavours of motivation in any of the available forms according to their mood. The flavours could be talk shows, videos, podcasts, articles etc. The result, motivation articles, sources and courses are available in multiples of choices.


Finally motivation becomes an entertainment by its added variants like a movie. It drops its appeal like a movie again and is going on the path of forgetfulness in achieving its real purpose – creating successful people.


For e.g. many Hollywood movies are released every year, to name a few famous and the latest - Star Trek into Darkness, Iron Man3, Avatar or Sky fall. Yes, the famous movies are packed house full in theatres for one or two days or weeks. Then, it will gradually lose its charm. After a few weeks, it is getting out by a new movie.


So, the person who has already watched the famous movie will not have the same interest to watch again and again because he will not get the same enjoyment like how he enjoyed watching at the first time. He knows the movie from his previous watching. His repetitive seeing will not give the same thrill, fun and feel and start fading. His brain chemical behaviour changes in the second and in any no. of repeated even if he goes to watch again. This is the reason for a movie to lose its attraction and get out of theatres.

to be continued in part 2.....

Motivation is Entertainment – A blunder (Part 2 of 2)