Magic of Withstanding - Bold to get hit hard and move

16/06/2013 00:00

It is natural; a bold man is assertive, prepared and moving forward without hesitation to face any obstacles on his walks of life. You could wonder how a bold handles any abnormalities so easily without the fear of failures. Has he been blessed with some extra ordinary powers than the normal humans? No. Then how they do act with such courage. People are surprised by his sudden turns.


For e.g. people are going to amusement parks, there are a lot of fun rides. Some rides will be soft and simple. Some like Rollercoasters, Giant drops and High rise spins which will give thrill and joy, here everybody cannot ride this. Some people will go with a slight fear and nervousness, and some other will go with no fear at all. It doesn’t directly mean that all roller coaster riders are declared bold.


The point is that the ride is safe as nobody is flying off from the coaster when they are riding. Then, see what stops a few others from going for the ride and why these segment do not go for the ride though the thrill ride is 100% safe. It is their fear which stopped them to avoid because they are not able to withstand that much of volume of thrill though the ride is 100% safe.


So, from the above example, one thing is very clear. It is not the clarity (100% safe) of action which makes a person courageous as nothing bad will happen. Clarity is a valid reason, however, not an exclusive reason to go bold.


Then what else is important. It is the withstanding ability to live in the risky and thrill moments. It is a kind of attitude to get prepared by teaching your own mind consciously saying I will keep on moving whatever obstacles hit hard at me. I will resist, withstand and move nonstop until reaching my destination - an elevated platform visible to all across the world. Yes, that is the success platform.


So, it is about developing both mental ability and physical ability beyond getting prepared for self-confidence. This is about Will Power, the greatest power to withstand and move ahead at any risky events on your venture. It is about being able to be vigilant and to make spontaneous counter moves whenever there is threatening situations, like an ambitious climber of Himalayan peak Everest. They know the risks and unexpected threats. But, they climb by their strong Willpower saying.., yes I can do it. I will withstand whatever the threats hit hard and I won’t give up until I do it.


Self-confidence is the preparedness, a state of mind; it is still yet to be converted in to action. But, boldness is pack of actions which is going ahead, prepared to get hit, withstand, resist, keep moving and never ever giving up at any price until the target is achieved.


Beyond knowing things clearly and beyond working out plans clearly, it is your mind which should always murmur your strong Willpower to get prepared, to face the thrill moments, to live on it and wins. Prove to the world, you are bold, you withstand, you are moving ahead, and no way of giving up, Success seeks you, your…. Target never missed!