Living is willing to do some good

10/06/2013 00:00

Every species is living. The very special about human is that he/she is living with reasoning ability. In what way is the reasoning ability special to human? It could be answered in a plain statement - “the reasoning ability determines a human being’s action at any situation to make him not to feel guilty as he is not doing anything wrong to him, to the fellow human beings and in a broader sense to the other creatures. The reasoning is sharpened by the way of gaining knowledge from learning, interacting and practicing.


It is easy to understand from the above that guilty life is unhappy and pathetic. As a man of strong Will, you should never allow yourself to live a guilty life. A man is very happy when he is helping others by money, by physical support and by ideas without selfish motives. Talking like this is so easy whereas doing it is so tough. There is a saying “one real action done is better than one thousand words spoken”. In this world, every right minded wish for the welfare of others, but there are a few who are affordable to make it true in their life.


Your Will should have a mix of welfare thoughts; to your family in a micro sense, to your society in a little macro sense and to the entire human beings at large. Think over what is the point you keep on accumulating money which is happening for life time without doing any charity.


For e.g. you have made money for more than your luxurious requirements, and it is sufficient for another three, four generations, but, what is the guarantee that your children will keep and spend it right. If you don’t inculcate the culture of charity, taking care of the deprived, your pile up of gold will not be sufficient for your children’s extravaganza. If we deeply look what has happened in this world, majority of the cases say for e.g. third generation of rich is getting poor and mostly third generation poor is getting rich. The theory of wealth is cyclical in the swapping fashion except countable families.


A strong practice to strengthen your Will power is that you should have the urge to do something good and big to the society. It makes you to be stubborn as you are enlarging your horizon of vision according to your depth of welfare aspiration. Believe this; helping others will definitely have an influence in your wealth multiplication action.   


You should fine tune your ambitions if it is lacking the interest to help the deprived society. The mission of helping without selfish motive will make your Willpower a staunch servant to fast forward its actions. Find ways to avoid ending up like “if I had got that much money, I could have done this, that and so on”. Who cares, the world will give good ears only to the achievers, not to just talkers.


Your Will is willing you to live for an intertwined cause succeed and give. Your target never missed!