Laziness is crime (Part 3 of 3)

15/07/2013 00:00

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Why we should end up lazy and fail? Not only laziness is spoiling an individual particularly, but also it spoils a society, a country and the world. The period of dark ages witness that those were the times of mass lethargy. Lazy attitude suppresses the Willpower, simultaneously loses its ability to challenge, struggle and withstand. Even an intelligent can’t be an exemption to become successful if he is lethargic. His intelligence will be helpless.


Beyond all the above, the Laziness is crime!


You will not argue with me or refuse saying that a lazy is burdensome to the society, country and to the world in wider perspective. He eats away others productivity. He takes a share on produces, incomes without contributing anything. He downgrades the country. A lazy always lies to save his face when something goes wrong because of his inaction. Sometimes, he claims the credit of others’ achievement by crooked framing of lies. Wealth erosion and moral depletion are all the long term outcome of idleness.


In this world, almost all the major problems are the outcome of laziness of not taking the corrective action at the right time. Desire of Idleness clubbed with high amount of entertainment moulds one to lose his belief on hard work, patience and perseverance. The lazy creates an intention of accumulating wealth in a very short term without working hard. He is trying to be innovative in preparing Ponzi schemes and becomes greedy to earn money somehow, practising all the bad formulas. All the short cut routes to earn money are tried by him because he wants money to enjoy in rest, relaxation at the same time get entertained more. All the corruption shows the intention to make money without work - laziness - is this not crime?


Wealth has to be earned by sincere work, not definitely by lazy shortcuts.

For e.g. Prostitution is oddly considered as profession in the 20th century open society. Ok, forget it, coming to the point - a prostitute earns money and gets pleasure at the same time. Her sexual activity is a profession which gives physical pleasure to her also, for which she is paid.


But, established ethical profession will give you the pleasure by the way of earning money as a result for some kind of toiling/working. In work, your mind will feel the work pressure by consistent performance of both physical and mental actions. A step ahead, the mind will enjoy the pressure at times while working with passion. Ability of briskly withstanding work pressures determines and takes you to the zenith of success. There, you will earn money, fame and joy which definitely have come across a lot of sacrifices, which is not easy.


Don’t try to go through shortcuts – which is viewed an opposite of activeness. This nature will demotivate you to accept and face the challenges honestly.  


At the same time, you also need relaxation and entertainment when you are exhausted. But ask your mind the questions like “am I really exhausted, do I need rest or entertainment to refresh my energy and skill or otherwise is rest unnecessary”?


If you answer an honest yes, please be careful that you should have a short rest/entertainment time at any cause. It should strictly be a short time unless it is your regular night sleep. The time duration of rest and entertainment plays a role. A long time exposure of rest or entertainment, even after working hard and getting exhausted, chances an active person to get toppled to lazy. So, please take a check on time.


As a man of great vision, don’t allow for laziness to get settled in. Keep distance with lazy acquaintances. Demonstrate to them how far active working habit pays a lot. Try to influence them to change their attitude by practically showing your combination of briskness and success. A visionary, you must dream for an active world and educate mainly the ignorant lazy who should understand that “Laziness is a silent crime”. In successfully doing this, not only your target never missed! but also, as humans- our…. Target never missed! A successful world - an ethical world with out corruptions.