Laziness is crime (Part 2 of 3)

13/07/2013 00:00

Laziness is crime (Part 1 of 3)

part 2...

The cyclical lazy state is an outcome of mental block which says that you want relaxation irrespective of whether you are tired, exhausted or not. In the beginning, you think of relaxing by going for entertainment and staying away from all the difficulties of activities. But, if you allow too much of the habit either wishing to be idle and entertained, the problem starts. You can’t easily move out from this struck up situation.


The thought of relaxation is the prone point of laziness. You should control the high demand of your own relaxation. Yes, relaxation will refresh if it comes from the source of regular sleep, particularly from night sleep. Also, strictly a very short time of entertainment for relaxing is also ok. But, spending too much time on any entertainment is an addiction. It will kill your time and energy. If you allow it to happen in your life unchecked, you are definitely on the process of attaining lazy.


Develop your energy to live and sink yourself deep enough in difficult situations. Development could be achieved by steering your thought process on your favour. You should give dictation to your mind that you should live and withstand any amount of pressures and difficulties until the right purpose is achieved. This dictation will definitely improve your Willpower which is simultaneously working by its magical formula to yield the required amount of energy to complete the tasks. Read our article “Magic of Withstanding”.   


Entertainment is a filling activity, in which a lethargic wanted to engage because where he doesn’t feel any difficulty. He is simply comfortable.


For e.g. assume that there is a water glass on the table. It is empty when there is nothing in the glass. Then, you fill with water. The glass will accept and hold. If you fill with juices, it will hold and it will hold even if you fill with foul smelling wine. It will accept and hold whatever you fill in. And the glass will be called accordingly it is filled in like water glass, juice glass or wine glass.


The same way that the mind is in idle state when there is no activity. Your mind is also allowing it by whatever you fill in whether it is entertainment activity or working activity. It will get adaptive and identified as working mind or lazy mind like how a glass is identified as water glass or wine glass. It will emit the effects of its long time filling materials like how a wine glass will smell if it is filled with foul smelling alcohol for a long time.


We grow with a natural motto “develop, succeed and reach a high class status”. The time consuming and addicting entertainments are major reasons for a lot to end up lazy and fail.

to be continued in part 3....

Laziness is crime (Part 3 of 3)