Laziness is crime (Part 1 of 3)

12/07/2013 00:00

Laziness is the forgotten word by the fashionable inventions which are updating at an unimaginable speed. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are allowing ourselves to become lazy by too much exposure on the technological advances. In less effort, we would like to handle lifestyle related things, from automobile to bathroom faucets. Automatic, remote control, virtual control, DLNA – these are all a few words regularly used in shopping spheres whatever the products we buy for use.


If you want to turn on a TV 25 years ago, you need to get up from your sofa and reach the TV set to switch on. It is same with music players, fan, lights etc. But, now, you can do anything by remote control. Going one step ahead, now you can control all the gadgets virtually by the power of internet from anywhere. The lifestyle is getting easy and sophisticated depending upon your affordability.  


As an end user, it is wonderful to have innovations and inventions, whereas, you should keep an eye how far you get misused by the effects of the advanced technology. Definitely, it makes mankind lazy. For that matter, I don’t ask you to stop using all your modern devices. You can enjoy all the latest inventions which are, after all, found to improve the life standard and helps human race performs fast and better than ever before. At the same time, if you miss to be careful; you get exploited by the habit of too much comfortable. This weakens your energy, activity and stamina.


It is acceptable, on the basis of energy exhaustion or tiredness, to desire for rest or to go for entertainment as the mind wants to relax. A human being, -

When you run too much, you like to walk.

When you walk too much, you like to sit.

When you sit too much, you like to lie down.

When you lie down too much, you like to sleep and get entertained for relax. – This is the red line.

When you sleep too much, you like to be free from difficulty of any activity.  

When you like to be free from difficulty too much, you like to be idle.

When you like to be idle too much, you are forced by yourself to get entertained.

When you are forced to get entertained too much, you are forced by yourself to become idle again.


As we said earlier, it is ok, when you are tired or exhausted, that you may want to rest or sleep - mentioned up to the red line. But, the problem starts when you like to sleep too much. Too much sleep weakens the mind which avoids facing difficulty or challenge. Challenge and difficulties are completely absent when you become idle.


Idleness is boring and a vacuum state of mind which longs to be fed or filled with entertainment. The coincidence of idleness and entertainment is the dangerous dead end because it makes you longing for rest and entertainment though you are not tired or exhausted. It is a deadly habit which will definitely push you to fall into the ditch.


The habit becomes cyclical. You are idle, so you want to get entertained. You are getting entertained, so you want to get idle. This is nothing but laziness which likes two things; first – sleep, second – entertainment, on the cyclical fashion.    

to be continued in part 2....

Laziness is crime (Part 2 of 3)