Illusory Thrive – Mirage Life (Part 2 of 2)

19/06/2013 00:00

Illusory Thrive – Mirage Life (Part 1 of 2)

part 2....

Your fantasy/imaginary life should not become a movie for you. Fantasy is an inspirational fuel which should achieve its cause by converting imagination to the state of constructive reality. Yes, “Dream is the first phase of any achievement”. For action packers, it passes very fast from imaginations to actions which make them successful.


Unchecked fantasy becomes a habitual activity like eating, sleeping, watching movies and more or less an entertainment at loneliness which is a warning sign. Fantasy makes one to think big and great about himself even though the real life is not that much successful.


If you have too much fantasy, it is a deficient attitude; you should rectify this. The remedy is the real action with the strong realisation of the presence. Otherwise, the imagination is giving pleasures like how you watch movies for relaxing yourself from the stressed life. You grow, achieve and become famous only on imagination which gradually influences your real life also. The fantasy becomes “a life inside your real life”. This fake life creates a fake identity also.


The expectation of respect from fake identity chances for complication in your relationship, peer dealings, decision making etc.


Sometimes your approach is hostile with your friends, family members, or for that matter only to the people whom you are well-known, as they find you not much successful. It is an inability to admit the real life which is a compromised life and totally against your successful imagination.


Over a period of time, the power of imagination may make you to overshadow the reality and develop an attitude of extreme failure consciousness. This consciousness refuses to digest even loosing a fun game against a computer or PlayStation, and forces to avoid playing friendly games also, then forget about real life failures. So, the initiative to act on your dream is suppressed because of the hyper failure consciousness.


Unknowingly, you will come to a state of enjoying so much in your imagination where you can steer the life as the way you want. In this inside life, you grow and succeed. And you are happy with that without realizing how you are losing your valuable time, and lie to yourself - “I will try one day all my imagination”. But, the danger is that “one day” probably never comes in your life if you go with unchecked imagination.


Please understand that you should come out, and nobody admires the successful imaginary life and its fake identity.  A life inside a life, this is danger.


So, please come out of the danger, realise the momentary presence and prepare your mind for loosing also.  

For e.g. we learn to ride cycles or bikes. We fall down for a few times while learning. But, our continuous attempt made us to ride skilfully now. If we had feared too much of falling, we will not be riding bikes now.


The first step of any attempt is to prepare the mind to accept if be pitfalls. Act on your imagination in a step by step process and learn from failures. You will improve. Drop today the habit of living a life inside your real life - imaginary life.


Repeat the following statements:-

I am a strong Will person.

I can accept and manage failures in my attempts.

Fear of failure cannot force me to live a fake imaginary life forever.

I decide to act and I started acting.

I will not stop until I reach my target, whatever comes in between I can manage, I can move ahead.

The inside imaginary life and the outside real life is going to be the same for me! meaning, started acting on imaginational inspiration.

I will win; I am a winner!”


My…Target never missed!