Illusory Thrive – Mirage Life (Part 1 of 2)

18/06/2013 00:00

You walk so enthusiastically, live in a palatial house, have the top class foods. If you wave your hands, someone runs at your look to take your orders. You drive the best of class automobile. Your command is the keyword for your relatives and neighbourhoods who act as per your advice. 


Your charity reflects on free institutions, free hospitals, help your friends and family generously. Your town is beautified by your ideas and money. Your business is also a key spokes of your country. You hit the faces of your disliking gangs without using fist by your posh living. Those gangs are firing jealous on you. Your movements are news in the media.

In short, you are a modern edition King.


Suddenly your dream is troubled by someone who is disturbing you. You come out of your dream life to the state of reality, widely different from your dream life. It consists of hearing the shouts and scolds of your boss, talking bad about how the company, boss treat you and or blathering how partiality benefits a few. Financial shortfall strangles your neck. So, you yell at yourself, a little exaggeratedly yell at the situation and going occasionally to take your forefathers.


Has anything changed a bit from the aforesaid? Honestly No, for all these years. The above is the story of dreamers. Your dream could have been improved to a new dimension as you have exposed to new culture, location and new jobs. It is your daily split life, a real life and a Mirage Life – your inner dream life.


Mirage – something is appearing real or possible, but is not so. Realize how it fits exactly to us. Mirage life is a psychological addiction which causes to go for fantasizing repeatedly the same kind of imagination for so many years. In which, mind is highly focussed at the imagination and gets pleasure as if something is really happening at the time of imagination.


The subconscious state gradually changes the perspective of your dream from the state of inducing the ambition to simply becoming habitual activity. The dream is simply triggered by some habits or incidents like your may start imagining as you are lying on bed or getting fired by your boss in a day. The dream occurs to pacify your worried state of mind every now and then. The beauty is that every day your imagination starts from the same starting point. No way have you started from the end of the previous day scene because your dream has a good script. Every time you wanted to watch full movie.


For e.g. we watch varieties of movies like action, thrill, horror, sci-fi, drama, sad etc. Some cries while watching a sad scene and forgets the reality, after all, it is simulated scenes. The same for horror, we are afraid of scene sequences and coming to the edge of the seat. If you think why we are behaving like this even though we knowingly watch that movie is not real, just simulated actions, but we forget and enjoy the movie.


This is the power of brain entertainment which sets you apart from every other thought. The brain is focussed in such a way to absorb it to feel and enjoy it. This is again the reason; watching at cinema theatre is better experience than to watch in home. In theatre, there is no disturbance, you enjoy full if it is good to your liking, be completed in part 2

Illusory Thrive – Mirage Life (Part 2 of 2)