I am a Locomotive! - Move Physically (Part 2 of 2)

04/07/2013 00:00

part 2....

Laziness makes one sick and get tired without any valid reasons. Lazy will find explanations somehow to avoid going out to reach, meet people or problems at times of high necessities. Laziness also tricks a person use his knowledge from his smartness; thereby he explains in a convincing way why he has not physically reached a place to solve an issue. He will explain hundreds of reasons. But, the root cause is simple “physical mobility seems to be a big burden for him”.


Smartness alone will not help achieve things unless active physical reach to the places of job/business requirements. Cleverness is not to be used to excuse.  


Poor physical movement has snowfall effects. It will pile up tasks, delay the actions and start to lie. After some point of time, it is difficult to clear the snowfall effects. To escape from accumulated snowfall of tasks, a lazy smart will try to change his job/professions when he is toughly questioned and disturbed, and he is unable to achieve outstanding results in any field. He will outwardly blame so many others, but, in his deep sense, he vaguely knows the truth “his poor physical mobility”.


This lazy but smart combination subconsciously develops a melodrama which speaks to an individual that - “it is not his fault for not being physically active as he is waiting for job change, or brisk physical habit is pointless as he is not going to be recognised anyhow. The melodrama further makes him believe that he can zoom for a change from lazy attitude to brisk at any time supposedly if he takes a new job or assignment where he gets recognition”. The melodrama is a big mistake. He can’t change easily if he allows his body to enjoy pleasures by not actively moving his body for a long time. It is going to be thick snowfall.


He will miss the right time and the right opportunity. Although he has laudable talents and skills, his lazy moving nature dominates all. His friends may be thinking “why this man is struggling irrelevantly eventhough he has wonderful talents.


If you notice your work sphere, at least you can find one who is not getting recognized and promoted on time though he is highly smart. Just analyse, there is a high chance of a bitter truth – his poor physical mobility. He maintains just a moderate performance.


His brilliant ability and how he predicts the long term economic situations have not taken him to crown, just for a reason -his poor physical mobility – laziness. He is cornered to look dull. Watch him, finally what else he can do other than finding faults on others like Company, boss, economic situation, etc.. But, the mistake is not from anybody else. His laziness is the culprit.


The below example explains how far active physical movement is essential for growth on top of smartness and talents.


For e.g. diamond is a precious stone, expensive and glitters amazingly. But, it will not glitter when it is unpolished. A brilliant cut and polish enhances its value to an inescapable eye catch state by its crystal sparkles. Active physical moving is giving you the polishing effect. An important effect  reflects your talents with sparkles and glitters. Although you are highly smart, extraordinary, you are sparkling like a polished diamond when you have excellent physically moving habits at all the times. Otherwise, you are an unpolished diamond. You will never glitter to get noticed easily or recognized by all. Poor physical mobility is nothing but lethargy which definitely extinguishes one's Willpower over a period of time.


As a person of mega ambitions, never ever allow your body to enjoy pleasures by lazy habit of not moving actively. Be ready to start and move your physique at any time for all your requirements. This active attitude destroys lethargy. You will grow faster than ever before. Today, not only you raise your mind, but also raise your body to readily go at any moment. Now, you have attained a perfect combination of winning. Your journey has already started towards success. Your ….Target never missed!