Fast but Focused

01/06/2013 00:00

Fast but Focussed is an important attribute of winners. Any one can obtain this by a regular practice. The moment we are mastered to focus and act fast, there is a renewed begining of life. Fast is the life game. The allowable fast or otherwise optimized fast is until the focus is clear and no loss of focus.


If focus is lost, the fast is nothing prodcutive, but, simply recklessness. It is like a son of wealthy business man, who is spending money extravagantly also fast to fulfill his burning desires because he obviously wants or likes things fast e.g. a high speed expensive sports car, a fast travel, a fast play. So, fast, just fast, there is no focus. Within a short time, he might have lost all of his inherited fortunes. The reason is obvious that he was spending fast without focus to understand where he will end up or what the ultimate outcome is.


Be cautious, you must be fast but focused.  


If you have cautious initiative to strengthen your Will by regular practice, you are well prepared to act fast irrespective of obstacles in front, at the same time, the action is highly focused aiming target. Highly aggressive - a kind of fast and focused approach will definitely cancel hesitance. So, the action is immediate, no procrastination. Then never the target missed! dux8848  is trying to provide a platform for practice by sharing regular articles, and programs designed to master to be Fast and Focussed approach.