Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part 2 of 4)

22/03/2014 00:05

Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part 1 of 4)

From seeing the aforesaid explanation, we should try and find out various ways to fuel the mind; thereby we shall be fuelling regularly to run nonstop towards the successful platform, and running definitely helps us reach our destination,yes it wins. Otherwise, failing to fuel will stop us as we will not produce energy to run continuously until winning.


We don't forget to eat at regular intervals to survive; no doubt on this. However, we are not simply talking about survival by eating food. Our question revolves around the ultra-ambitions which induce one to achieve something great in life. The question is directly arrowed at every one of us "do we want to just survive or do we want to achieve something great?


In most part of our life, we are jumbled with thoughts of "just to survive" or "sure to win". Yes, these thoughts are revolved in a jumbled formula according to our situational outcomes. If we get some success, we are motivated by that success to aim bigger. At the same time, a small loss also extinguishes our firey thoughts to surrender completely to the situational pressures. This pressure makes our mind to accept the failed outcome as a reality to survive.


But, to achieve great in life, we shouldn't lose our faith in our enduring journey. For this reason, we should be equipped mentally with Strengthened Willpower. Regular reading of successful articles, motivational facts will strengthen our Willpower which will fight fiercely against the circumstantial pressures and make one to sustain and withstand all the difficulties. It gives a great power of not losing the fight before the real battle begins. Read our article "Magic of Withstanding".


For e.g. A child is playing a video game. Video Games are generally coming in different stages like Stage1, Stage2 etc. If one wins a particular stage, then he can go to next stage. In the beginning, every kid will struggle to win even the simplest Stage1 in the game. But, over a period of time, if you notice, the kids will be able to complete all the stages and ask you parents to buy new games as he has completed all the stages in the old game he played. How the kids were made to complete and win all the Stages of the videogame? It is their consistent effort which makes him to know the knacks and tricks to use the joy sticks or game accessories skilfully.


But, you could notice another important fact in the above case. The particular kid will always find ways to play the same game whenever he finds time or possible like after coming back from school, after doing home assignments, on holidays, so on. In his inner mind, he carries a longing towards the game as he is struggling to complete different Stages.  Every time, he finishes the game with half complete Stages, But, he will start playing again the same game immediately believing that he will somehow complete all the stages by this time. Sometimes, you parents scold at him and asks him to play tomorrow as you find him completely stick to the game for a very long time. The kid accepts by no other go. But, his latest learnt knacks and tricks of the game fuels his mind to play again and again until he wins. And in reality, he wins one day. He is happy. It is true with some adults also while they are playing games.


                                                                                                                                                                              to be continued in part3....

Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part 3 of 4)