Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part 1 of 4)

22/01/2014 00:05

Move, keep going, don’t stop, run fast, fast, faaaastt, come on, yes come on – all these words of pulsating acceleration are helpful to encourage an individual when he/she is in a race, competition or challenge. These are all just regular words, but, working out charmingly at the time of a race, and help the racer pick up and utilize his full stamina to win, specially while one is running on the front among the winning slot. This backing support is magical for a person to win the race when he/she has sufficient driving force – energy, but he/she runs a little behind among a winning slot of runners - frontrunners. Yes, he/she is definitely among front runners.


Who will stand, applause and encourage the long behind  -damn sure- failing individuals on the race track? Sometimes, the runners on the last may complete the race, or they may get away due to the complete ignorance of audience at them as nobody is looking at them. 

Two elements are playing vital roles in creating, developing and accelerating Energy; the driving force. What are those two important elements? It is an easy answer –Body (the Engine) and Energy (Fuel). Fuel should be of suitable quality for the engine and in consistent supply according to the power requirements of the engine.

As we all know for centuries that every object in the Universe is working on fuel and move formula. But its fuel is filled by nature as it is predestined by God.  We find it evident everywhere in the cosmos that every Universal body has its own fuel in its core. Thereby, these mighty bodies across the universe are orbiting or moving nonstop with an amazing driving force!

The intensity of the Energy varies depending on fuel quality and supply. The fuel is getting through the process of trigger and combustion to discharge energy. For nonstop running, the first basic criterion is continuous fuel supply, then only continuous combustion and continuous energy release happen. So, regular or continuous fuel supply is the primary requirement. Otherwise, the fuel tank will get empty and the motion stops. I could not make any difference for the human minds from the fuel supply and action logic.

In the same logic, we eat food to survive, Ok food is the fuel. But, food may not make one to become ambititious and successful in his ventures. Here, I am talking about fuel - yes continuos fuel supply to the mind.

For e.g. Fuel for the Earth is molten lava at the core. For the Sun, it is nuclear fuel made of hydrogen, helium. For every Universal body, there is something in its core as a fuel to emanate constant energy which causes its orbit, travel, moves, burst etc. At the same time, we read about Black holes, death of a Star due to lack of fuel or complete exhaustion of its available fuel. To our surprise, we read findings that our Sun is also dying which means it will completely be dead one day when there is going to be the complete exhaustion of its fuel. Astronomers opine that our Sun will expand, loose all its energy and die. It is nothing but running out of fuel situation. We don’t want to worry on Sun now as it is not going to happen any soon. Unbelievably we are living in a Universe aged 13.7 billion years approximately from the time of big bang.

to be continued in part 2....

Escape Empty Tank by Fueling Mind Constantly (Part2 of 4)